Gamers Recon - Preview: Diablo 3

Gamers Recon:
Released in 1997, Diablo was the originator of the point-and-click sub-genre of fantasy role-playing games and has spawned a multitude of clones over the years. As a long-time PC gamer, I am very familiar with the Diablo series, and the newest addition to the series is Diablo III, slated for release in the second quarter of 2012.

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NeoTribe2546d ago

Sad to say I think they really dumbed down diablo :(. No talent tree..... earning all skills as u lvl is a horrible move imo. Not even having to teleport back to sell stuff? Its like there making it retart proof. Guess ill have to wait and see if the long wait was worth it. For some reason I dought it will be as good as I hoped. Oh yeah and they ruined pvp also.