PC gaming is making a comeback

People were saying PC gaming were dying for some odd reasons. But believe it or not, PC gaming is living and doing well, now the PC plattform is making comeback according to these statistics. Only a fool would say PC gaming is dying anyway.

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fluffydelusions3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

It was never dying and it will never die. Just off the top of my head, Guild Wars 2 had over a million people sign up for the beta in 2 days! That last WoW expansion sold how many million in 24hrs? Want more numbers? Wait till Diablo 3 gets a release date...

hellvaguy3397d ago

Mmo games were never in doubt. Its the single player games that have been typicaly very pirated and thus hurting sales. Plus so many of the online fps games were so full of hacks & cheats they were unplayable.

Seems like alot of these issues have been addressed, plus console hardware is getting pretty dated now, so I can see why pc game sales are on the up swing.

ritsuka6663398d ago

PC gaming is making a comeback"

Console nerd detect....

paddystan3397d ago

Sorry, but no. Im a PC gamer and have over 100 games on my Steam account. ;)

theeg3397d ago

lol....pc gaming isnt making a comeback, it is freaking on a killing spree!!

pc gaming makes up over 50% of all game related revenue when you factor in things like wow subscription and in game shop, league of legends, free to plays, STEAM with 40 million users, amazon digital, direct2drive, greenmangaming, gamers gate, facebook games, flash games, maple story, good old games, ect....

the revenue stream on pc with over 58 MILLION desktop pc's sold just in 2011, and well over 1 BILLION working pc's in the world, is UNMATCHED!

KeiserSosay47883397d ago

I finally got back into PC gaming 2 1/2 years ago and I'm definitely not looking back. EVER. I sold my 360 and PS3 for a CPU/GPU combo and now when next gen shows up, I'll have already been creepin' in that territory, lol. Steam is definitely the reason I WON'T be going back. Even new games get a pre-discount, sometimes, on Steam.

TitanUp3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

i don't like mw3 too much but i liked how it came with mw1,and steam has so many great deals especially holiday sales.

i spend 200-300$ each big sale.


added the mw3 info in there cause i thought it would be cheaper to buy it in a pack and for me mw1 is worth 60$

KeiserSosay47883397d ago

I'm much of a MW3 fan either, but I play it sometimes. Definitely like that I can play it windowed in 720p and do other things at the same time. Also, there are WAAAAAAYYYY less 13 yr old kids on Steam...holy crap, I don't miss those, lol

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