The Bitbag Editor's Choice Award Winners

The Bitbag editor picks the winners for:

• Best 3D Action Game
• Best Racing Game
• Best RPG
• Best Fighter
• Best FPS
• Best Strategy Game
• Best Sports Game
• Best War Game
• Best Mecha Game
• Achievement In Excellence
• Best Handheld Game
• Best Graphics
• Best Sound
• Best Online Multiplayer
• Developer Of The Year
• Game Of The Year

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akaFullMetal4044d ago

cant believe they gave assassins creed best action adventure game over uncharted

MK_Red4044d ago

Gotta disagree with you. Uncharted is a really great action adventure but it's seriously lacking innovations. Assassin's not only has many innovations like a sandbox game in middle east taking place during crusades, it also introduces superb and new control scheme.

beast4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Uncharted over ac.
graphics. Uncharted (more color less framedrops and as per gametrailers best graphics on consoles yet)

Gameplay - AC has 8 Repetive missions same over and over again . Combat system was like playing a role playing game. The cool part was the open sand box but thats about it , it didnt involve because all u did was move around and jump around. The stealth was a joke you sit and boom u become invisible. To me AC gameplay was the weakest part of it.

Uncharted beats AC in everyway expect innovation. too bad its the innovation ac didnt capatilize on

Jinxstar4044d ago

I agree MK but same time its all in what you mean by innovations. The climbing and combat was amazing in AC but the Character movement and environmental effects were amazing in UDF. They are 2 different games for different people. Which story did X person prefer... thats totally opinion. This is just an opinion... I loved both of them :)

slak4044d ago

I cant believe Best Online Multiplayer Warhawk????? now thats funny lmfao


andiholic4044d ago

How about Infinity for developer of the year not Valve.

MK_Red4044d ago

Agreed. IW deserves the award not Valve. How can best dev be a studio that hates one of platforms and doesn't care about it?
IW and COD4 FTW!

slak4044d ago

yea that one too valve lol

PimpHandHappy4044d ago

Warhawk is BY FAR the best online multi-player game. Just keep adding maps and this game will be endless fun. Just think what the next Warhawk will be like on a PS4 because i feel they dont need a part2 of this game. All they need is to keep adding maps and maybe a two wheel blister fast vechile