Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Review at SPOnG: 81%

Review by Martin Olsen, 24 Dec 2007 - Conclusion:

"By nature it's no heavyweight, but Gran Turismo 5 Prologue shows the series moving forward, which is great news. We're still waiting for the online features, but if they live up to their potential, Prologue will get a lot of playtime over Christmas.

Playing Prologue has rekindled my interest in Gran Turismo 5, which was probably Sony's main motivation for releasing this – to keep everyone aware of the progress Polyphony Digital is making. View it as a luxury purchase for GT fans, though, not as a full-fledged game with the depth of Ridge Racer 7."

SPOnG score: 81%

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PStriple7034042d ago

good score for a big demo

4042d ago
resistance1004042d ago

Mart Is lack of damage the only thing you xbox fanboys can dig agaisn't this game, i mean come on. Surely its just your jealousy showing.

Also reading the review they haven't reviewed it as a demo, but as a full game.

lockload4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

@resistance100 -

No lots of things..

AI in GT5 Prologue is no better than GT4 simply following pre determined paths (confirmed on the 1up podcast)..

Major issues with shadow popin and tearing..

Very basic online system that is yet to be delivered..

No upgrading of cars in this version..

This budget game will do more harm than good. Just identifies the areas where it is lacking.

Charging $40 for two tracks and a selection of cars..(only two of the tracks are new others have already been in the demos..serisously this game is only $20 less than a full priced game and you get very little in it.

"they haven't reviewed it as a demo, but as a full game. "

And rightly so demos are free this is $40!

Kyur4ThePain4042d ago

Have you played the demo?
What happens when you slam on your brakes down the straight?
Do the AI cars just slam into the back of you?

resistance1004042d ago

'AI in GT5 Prologue is no better than GT4 simply following pre determined paths (confirmed on the 1up podcast).. '

Yet, this review here contradic's it, and the fact that after playing the game for hours can tell you its not the same, sure its not going to win any awards in the Ai department, but it is an improvement

'Major issues with shadow popin and tearing.. '

Really im yet to notice any of these 'major issues'

'Very basic online system that is yet to be delivered..'

So you have seen the online system before its been implemented and any one has seen it, wow im impressed

No upgrading of cars in this version.'

Its no more than a taster to keep GT fans like me happy, just like they did with GT4: Prologue

'Charging $40 for two tracks and a selection of cars.'

Err make that 5 tracks, each can be reversed aswell so in essence 10 tracks. 40 Cars. 16player online, the best visuals this gen, the best handling of cars in a game ever. Yep $40 to me is justable.
The thing which bothers me the most is that you have no real interest in this game, was never going to buy it anyway YET, seem to taking alot of interest in its negitive points.

and like every xbox fanboy here using 1UP as the godly source for this game

kewlkat0074042d ago

as a SIM genre type game you want the game to be as close as realism as you can.

While the graphics are there but a sim should be as close as possible to the real thing and this is where the gameplay comes in.

After the graphics reviewers and not only Mart, will pick that part.

mistertwoturbo4042d ago

say what you will xbox fanboys. GT5 is going to own in sales and sell PS3's. GT5 is made for adults anyway. Not people like TheMart who all he does is post on N4G and feels like his life has any significance.

zapass4042d ago

GT5 is last gen tech, sure dude, we're all so envious of forza2 and pgr4, riiiight, microsoft did't screw its customers, absolutely true...

you jealous zealots are droolin in secret and it makes for some great entertainment! your denial is almost cute at this point, guys, I think theMart is ripe, it's only a matter of time when you're gonna have change that name, ha!

Bubble Buddy4042d ago

MART: Microsoft Action Response Team

is back

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MaximusPrime4042d ago

2 xbots approved so far.

a game that doesnt yet have online support is given 81%. Why wait for the add-on to appear before you review?

toughNAME4042d ago

Why release an unfinished game?

CrazzyMan4042d ago

Because it`s finished demo and ONLINE will be used only for those who care about online, THROUGH INTERNET. The demo is COMPLETE.

scrillakiller4042d ago

who cares im still gettin it and it doesnt change the fact that it has better graphics than any xbox360 full game.mart call us back when ms give u demos with 40 cars 5 tracks and 16 players online

MaximusPrime4042d ago

Approval so far. Mostly Xbots.

Lex Luthor (1) - 0 minutes ago
Kar33m (2) - 12 minutes ago
Zhuk (1) - 26 minutes ago
TheMART at Xboxkings (2) - 30 minutes ago

Salvadore4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I previously owned an Xbox and I am not planning on buying a 360, instead I will be buying a PS3 because it suits me better.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4042d ago

He said Mostly.

Lex Luthor (1) - 0 minutes ago (Proven Xbot)
Kar33m (2) - 12 minutes ago (You, which i actually never saw XD)
Zhuk (1) - 26 minutes ago (Proven Xbot)
TheMART at Xboxkings (2) - 30 minutes ago (King of Xbots)

toughNAME4042d ago

TnS is the biggest xbot.

Drillin4041d ago

What is the difference who approved it? I am sure you would not complain about it being approved if the score was 90% or above. So only scores that make the game look good should be allowed in your opinion? And if this was a 360 game it would be nothing but PS3 users approving it like in the past.

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TheExecutive4042d ago

Well, since most cars will have damage in the full game I dont see what the big deal with this demo is. It has better graphics than any game on the 360, and they will only get better. Expect that when this game is released it will have damage (but not on all cars).

lockload4042d ago

Since when do demos cost $40?

TheExecutive4042d ago

demos arent defined by cost. Is GT5 done? what is GT:5 prologue then? Its a demo because its just a taste of the final product.

actas1234042d ago

Don't buy the demo then, wait for the final product.. do u need someone to shout at you to shut the hell up..