What's your Christmas wish?

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Maybe you're dreaming of rocking it all out with Guitar Hero 3 in the morning. With the hefty price tag you probably cant afford it without granny chipping in away. But to help you with your guessing game of which game will i receive, here's a list you may want to consider.

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Capt CHAOS4047d ago

Not even a mention of Orange Box. Heck.. Orange Box is worth buying EVEN for the pleasure of playing the rather short Portal. Much underrated. Ofcourse Half life 2 and TFC are superb too.

Rowe4047d ago

What you on about Orange Box is on there, it has all the games i could think of wanting for christmas

pezza4047d ago

CHAOS was correct rowe, the orange box got added at a later date.

akaFullMetal4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

not much left for me on my wish list, got uncharted, ut3, ratchet and clank, gh3, legos star wars saga, warhawk, resistance, assassins creed, all thats left is bioshock for my pc, i would like to have that, loved the demo

cmrbe4046d ago

to celebrate christmas you know. I myself celebrate diwali when i was in Fiji and its not an issue. The main thing is christmas is also a time for family and goodwill to all mankind.Its a time of giving and time for peace and so i do wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Cheers

ErcsYou4046d ago

My christmas list consists of High priced electronics and Porno graphic material.......i handle my PS3 needs weekly... Merry Christmas