AG's Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review

After years of dominance of the football genre, have Konami finally slipped up? Avid Gamer investigate in this review as to what extent the above statement is true. They look at all sides of the game in this review.

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mariusmal4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

yup i agree with everything they said. i was a fan of pro evo since ISS and ISS PRO. i even pre ordered pro evo 2008. but this last one bah... mmajor flop for seabass and his crew. i wont switch to fifa becaus of it's arcade style of game but im open to sugestions eheheh.

ps - im not talking about frame rates or graphics. im talking about GAMEPLAY

CG4581d ago

Im also an hardcore pro evo fan, but this year fifa 08 completly blew pes2008 out the water both in GAMEPLAY an everything else. pes2008 gameplay is arcadey trash compared to fifa 08 sim like gameplay. fifa 08 is the first fifa game i have ever bought and i dont regret it.
you should make the switch this time then wait and see if pes2009 can re-claim its thrown.

Lord Cheese4582d ago

i've got pes 2008 on my 360, and fifa on my ps3, and pes is far more arcadey now in my opinion. Fifa is now more of an attritional game - the defenses are very solid and hard to break down, even though neat passing undoes them a bit too easily. The football in fifa just isnt fluid - in pro evo you feel stringing some passes together is attractive football - in fifa its very stuttery - the runs players make arent that great so you're playing to feet too much. Fifa, in my view has lost its "one man takes on entire team and scores" approach - that is completely impossible now. Its still not as good as pro evo, but for very different reasons now...

PES is still the better game in my opinion - if i'm honest the only aspect of the game that really dissappoints me is the goalkeepers. They are truly shocking. I've conceded countless goals from soft shots bouncing out of the keepers hands. To shout so much about the AI improvements found in the game and then forget to apply the same level of attention to the goalkeepers is unforgivable.