Sales report: Tales from the other side of the counter – Xmas edition

Games Digest, December 23, 2007:

The traditional holiday rush has reached its peak, and finally folks seem to be more eager to stay at home in the warm, rather than brave the high street to nab that last pair of socks for granddad.

From the other side of the counter – the poor sods working their fingers to the bone for barely any more than minimum wage – things have been a little intriguing, and a whole heap frustrating.

[ This is a sales report from front-line store employees in the UK. ]

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TANOD4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

FROM THE ARTICLE ---"PS3 sales neck and neck with premium X360"

AS FOR UNCHARTED ----"The delightful FIFA 08, and the rubbish Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 also sold in hefty numbers, as did the PS3 Tomb Raider-a-like Uncharted as word spread of its absolute genius "

Hopefully word of mouth will surge the position of UNCHARTED even higher on enxt week's UK charts

anecdota sales evidences ---PS3 on top of X360 ----PS3 on TOP ---UNCHARTED no1

PS3 dominates other EU regions so no need to bring charts of other PAL regions

Snukadaman4044d ago

"I dont post inflammatory news from XBOX KINGS like POG/RP

i dont approve any flamebait too

i dont post misleading and FALSE news like HD DVD outselling BD at AMAZON

i dont post anti x360 news

Those ROUND PEG/TNS/BLOODMASK report all stories that are a TAD AGAINST HD DVD despite their VALID ORIGINS and

AT THE SAME TIME XBOTS like BLOODMASK AND ROUNDPEG approve ARTICLES at N4G which are infact written by them"

but as I like to spam your opinion....3 postings with you saying the exact same thing and spouting your propaganda...which makes you worst them them tanod/nasim/hotshot127/shmee.. .

BLaZiN PRopHeT4044d ago

didnt the article say sales are neck and neck with the premium. so altho the elite isnt selling well it still puts the 360 ahead of the ps3

TANOD4044d ago

from the article ---

"The ‘Arcade Pack’ remained on the shelves with not a single unit changing hands. "

wow ---didnt expect that. poor X360 arcade

Xbox is the BEST4044d ago

"As for the PS3, the rush after the still fairly recent price-cut slowly calmed down and current sales are neck-and-neck with the Premium 360."
Doesn't sound good

rhood0224044d ago

yeah, for the 360. With all its "AAA" titles and the "lack of games" for the PS3, neck and neck is unacceptable. Or Sad. Or funny. I'll let you decide.

TheMART4044d ago

Well for Europe being former Playstation Nation, it IS unacceptable for the PS3.

Especially when we've seen a 33% price drop within 6 months for the PS3 from 600 to 400 Euro now, imagine what will happen if the 360 gets it's price drop.

The 360 only dropped from 399 to 349 (on the Premium). Imagine if the Premium becomes 279 to 299 Euro.

Head on with the PS3 in Europe, a massive slaughter in USA, the PS3 is sold out world wide with large numbers again

TANOD4044d ago

PS3 murders x360 all over EU in terms of sales

even at 2x the price point sales of ps3 and x360 sales are neck and neck in UK

ofcourse FART in Spain,France and Spain...x360 doesnt even exist

zapass4044d ago

I decide it's hilarious! and oh, theMart, you're right about the massive slaughter except it's the 360 getting slaughtered in Japan. Even in the US, everyone can feel the tide is turning, and yeah, we can easily see how you guys who jumped in and made a huge deal out of it are starting to get a little... depressive :) Even bluray is winning, it's time to wake-up and get the koolaid.

brace yourself: 2008 is going to be long and painful, and since there are delayed titles too, looks like 2009 is gonna hurt quite a bit too, sorry in advance.

Guwapo774043d ago

Everywhere was former Playstation nations...

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wiizy4044d ago

next christmas will be the same situation....wii on top

TheMART4044d ago

"As for the PS3, the rush after the still fairly recent price-cut slowly calmed down"

That means, after Christmas, the same situation as with the July price drop, to the situation like it was before the first price drop. In 3rd place, not being able to hold up.

If the 360 gets its 2nd price drop, the PS3 will be left behind again also in Europe, as it already is far behind in America.

TANOD4044d ago

You didnt read that sentence FART.

x360 is not in a second Place

second place is Wii followed by PSP

Third place is hold by PS3 and X360 jointly

Guwapo774043d ago

Since when has handhelds sold been in the same league as consoles sold? Handhelds will continue to outsell consoles at their (consoles) price point. Not all parents are willing to drop $400+ on consoles.

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