Gametrailers Review SSX

The slopes beckon, should you answer their call? Carve out your niche in the snowboarding world!

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GribbleGrunger4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

this WAS a must buy for me but in this review he said those dreaded words: 'it's when you play online that it truly shines'

no thanks. goodbye


Ranking The SSX Games From Worst To Best

The SSX series is one of the most iconic sports franchises in gaming history, but which one of the games is the best?

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Gaming4Life1981775d ago

All of them are great put ssx 3 was my favorite. We definitely need another ssx asap


These 5 Arcadey Sports Games Really Need a Comeback

Chris writes:

"Arcade sports games are among the most compelling you can play, but many of the best have fallen by the wayside. Here's a bunch that should make a comeback."

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ZachAStevens1519d ago

Dear nintendo,

Please give me mario strikers again. I will do anything for it.



E3 2018: 6 EA Games We'd Love To See Revived

Cultured Vultures: This list of what we'd love to see from EA at E3 2018 is a bit more "hopeful" than most, but stick with it.

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sreevenkat1958d ago

dantes inferno sequel please....

oasdada1958d ago

Dead slace please.. Then again no i don't want a GAAS deadspace... Please sell thsi ip to sonyand we'll see wonders!!!