1UP's Jump Festa 2008 Report

1UP Staff, 12/23/2007:

"We really should hate attending the Jump Festa videogame and comic show. But the promise of Square Enix titles making their playable debut is way too much to pass up."

"At this year's event, open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, Square Enix was once again the main attraction for the videogame crowd. With the promise of playable debuts for the Final Fantasy fighting game for PSP, Final Fantasy: Dissidia, the new DS Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and the new mobile Final Fantasy IV spinoff, Final Fantasy IV: The After."

"This year's showcase had Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XIII sandwiching short clips of the Parasite Eve mobile sequel and the Blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children."

In addition, Sega, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Nintendo, and Microsoft all have booths at the Jump Festa this year. 1UP's report briefly covers all of them.

UnblessedSoul5642d ago

1up still think final fantasys going multi-plat they are stupid as usual

Chris3995642d ago (Edited 5642d ago )

My favorite excerpts include:

"In case you were wondering, both clips ended with "Only For PlayStation 3." Square Enix apparently isn't ready to go multiplatform. At least not yet..."


"Sony was at the show as well, although it took us a while to find the company's small booth. The usual Bleach titles for the PSP and PS2 were on display. PS3 was represented by Eye of Judgment, which is almost like a new title since no one bought it when it was released earlier in the year."

That's the problem with gaming journalism nowadays, almost every report/ preview/ review is an opinion piece. I'm looking for news, facts, pictures. I don't need someone's smarmy take on a console war tainting my information.

Oh, and according to 1up, this:

Is - and quote - an "up to 60 minute wait" to see Microsoft's lineup. How long did they have to stand there to get a picture with that many people in it? And actually take a gander at said photo and we're only looking at around 40 or so (I counted) persons; some of which are white-clad booth babes or onlookers. Unless everyone else in the photo is being a controller hog, I don't really see a 60 minute wait.

I call shenanigans on the whole gaming industry. At least if I go to a gaming blog (Kotaku), I know that it isn't entirely professionally run and what to expect from it. It would be nice to have news, reported by people with integrity, not just people with strong opinions. And this isn't a 360/ PS3 thing, it's something that affects the entire credibility of the gaming media and in turn the development of games as a part of our culture.

Just my two cents.

- C

vloeistof5642d ago

omg again with the ff xiii multi thing.

there both ps3 only and then comes 1up with there multi-blabla.

Mercutio5642d ago

1 UP Their's are just retards, retards....

Darkiewonder5642d ago (Edited 5642d ago )

I hope they check out the other companies to see what they are announcing and any games that's about to come out.

Tales of Vesperia has me interested. ;3