Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Review - The Koalition

The Koalition: Ever since slashing it’s way through arcades and the Nintendo Entertainment System during the late 1980’s, the Ninja Gaiden series has received several iterations with each passing generation. Possibly the most significant change came during March of 2004 when Team Ninja teamed up with Tecmo to create Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox console. Heralded by many as an instant classic among hack and slack action titles, the game went on to garner several remastered versions across multiple platforms.

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Yi-Long3521d ago

... that the western release of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is MISSING the option to play it with the original japanese voices!

Also, the EU release is censored!

MrGunny943521d ago

Just got the EU release, and i'm sad... they censored everything!