Rainbox Six Vegas Multiplayer Hands-On

IGN follow up their single player preview with a preview of some of the multiplayer modes - including the option for two people (splitscreen) to play online on the same console.

360 gamers will be able to use their Vision camera to map their faces onto their online Avatars!

Check out the story for all the details..

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Asylumchild5849d ago

I like all the rainbow 6 games this one just looks the best can't wait!

kmis875849d ago

This game looks so good.

crystallakekiller5849d ago

i've always prefer rainbow multiplayer more then ghost recon....and this one look to be even better then rainbow six3..i just cant wait for this one,we are so lucky to be 360 owners...this fall promise to be awesome!

Sphinx5849d ago

It almost makes me want to get a Camera thing so I can put my gorgeous face on my online avatar.

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