Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Screenshots

Electronic Arts today released a ton of new screenshots for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, as well as a detailed fact sheet. This comes along with the announcement of an event taking placing later this month in London where Tiger Woods and several other celebrities will be making an appearance. The event will be broadcasted on Channel 4's T4.

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NitrogenB5852d ago

or does this game not really look that good for next-gen?

willud4skins5852d ago

no the graphics dont look too good. oh well, its golf. all about the game play and they added more coarses. im getting this game for sure.

PS360WII5852d ago

It is all about game play and I did play the demo. They changed alot since my last tiger woods game... but that was for the first xbox... I don't know wasn't too impressed. It's just like NBA 2k7 they just messed around an already perfect control method. :(

borgome5852d ago

I'm going to be all over this game like Randy on a cheeseburger.

Optimus Prime5852d ago

me too , nice analogy. lol trailer park boys, best show on tv