PlayStation 3: Third Party Support

With a $399 price tag and some heavy hitters like Burnout Paradise and Metal Gear Solid 4, now is the time to purchase a PS3.

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DiLeCtioN5643d ago

line up man, 2008 is gonna be a killer year

CeruleanSky5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

Yep, I don't think many people still grasp at how large Sony's first party development has grown since last gen.

Last gen you had 125+ million people from around the world buy PS2s for Sony's combination of first party + third party games.

This gen you have the PS3 that has virtually every one of those first party + third party games with the addition of an insane amount of new exclusive first party games.

The PS3 has of course long passed the 360 in Japan. And the PS3 now has passed the 360 across most of Europe other than the UK in just nine months. So by the start of 2008 the 360 is only going to be leading in installed base in just NA, and the UK, and maybe a few random minor countries.

Third party developers are looking at two consoles:

The PS3:

* Selling well in all three major console regions

* Most powerful console by a huge margin: Killzone 2, GT, Uncharted, etc

* Next gen storage - 25/50 gig discs

* Rock solid reliable console

* Open and developer friendly online system - Epic/Unreal, NCsoft games, etc.



* Dead in two of the three major console regions

* Weak and difficult to use graphics hardware - idiotic too small for 720p 10megs of EDRAM setup forcing developers to waste time writing tile based renderers or just skipping having decent AA in their 360 games

* Gimped storage format that is 1.5 gigs smaller than last gen

* Unprecedented hardware failure rates

* Closed and developer hostile online network - Epic is having to waste a half a year rewriting UT just to work with Microsoft's online network

mesh15642d ago

HAHA SONY DRIODS ARE DESPERATE AYE SO we shud buy aps3 says a nobady makiong up storys hahahaha i will never buy a ps3 till 2009 maybe

QuackPot5642d ago (Edited 5642d ago )


stay an xbot. YOu're one of the biggest x-DROIDS around. Stick to your own and don't violate the Laws of Nature. Could be the end of the universe.

cloud360-7th_account5642d ago

Naruto is better than DBZ. the jap version is the best. Eng sucks

Watch it here and dont cry

(mind the language)

tk5642d ago

I have a PS3. It is beating the XB360 in two regions. The XB360 is far from dead in the European region. It is actually quite on par with PS3 sales in Europe. I think the PS3 will win in two regions, and it will be a tie in NA... but the XB360 have made great gains this generation.

In Japan it is dead. In NA it is leading. In Europe it is competitive. Don't act like a frustrated drag queen.

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MaximusPrime5643d ago

i've downloaded the WMV files off gametrailers. It WORKS on PS3!

There are actually two TV Spots to enjoy. ;)

DiLeCtioN5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

embed it too, thanks.

EDIT: @TheMART. some of the games you mentioned are first party titles. if you noticed games like rachet and clan, when that came out people were going crazy for it. so i think its better to show your product now and get the consumer's attention.

TheMART5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

People were going crazy over Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted...

Is that why Uncharted only moved 117k in sales? And R&C didn't sold a lot also?


To Tanod (below)

So why did Sony need to drop the price of the PS3 in Europe within 6 months from 600 to 400 Euro? Because the PS3 didn't sold like they expected.

Why don't PS3 owners buy games then?

PS3 attach rate @ launch: 1.5 game per unit
PS3 attach rate now: 3.6 games per unit

360 attach rate @ launch: 4.5 games per unit
360 attach rate now: 6.6 games per unit

The PS3 isn't doing well at all. Sorry to burst your bubble. Again.

Ucharted outselling a 360 game? Hahaha come on. Halo 3 sold 5 mln. copies in a few months. Gears of War sold over 5 mln. copies. Even Mass Effect outsells Uncharted.

TANOD5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

go play your cartoon HALO 3 or ur BREAK BOX 360.

people buy x360 because of games????????????

Oh really . This is why X360 is the least selling console on a WORLDWIDE basis

PS3 has far better lineup with Resistance, UT3,Motorstorm,NGS,Ratcget and ofcourse the AWESOME UNCHARTED

x360 has no games except HALo 3 --the cartoon game.

Bioshock and Gears are on PC too. UT3 is upgraded version of GEARS LMFAO.

BTW UNCHARTED makes Bioshock /Gears or any game on any console look like OUTDATED TRASH

The AI of UNCHARTED is TRUE NEXT GEN. The GRAPHICS are only matched by CRYSIS

BTW Uncharted is outselling all x360 games on a worldwide basis . Dont take just NA sales into account. TAKE worldwide sales and then see what happens

CeruleanSky5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

PS3 attach rate now: 3.6 games per unit

360 attach rate now: 6.6 games per unit

The 360 has been on the market for roughly twice as long as the PS3.

Thanks for showing that the PS3 has a somewhat larger attach rate than the 360 even with your inane Xbot numbers.

The PS3,Wii,360 all have roughly the same attach rates unless you are using vgchartz fanboy fantasy land numbers.

The problem for the Wii though is that even though it does have roughly the same attach rate as the PS3 and 360, it is 90 percent first party Nintendo published titles.

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TheMART5643d ago

I don't get it. When the games mentioned will release in 2008, why is it now the time to buy a PS3?

It would be smarter to wait till those games release (for example MGS4, GT5, KZ2, God of War 3 and Little Big Planet about all release at the end of 2008), there is a big chance the PS3 price has dropped to somewhere between 200 and 300 Euro/Dollar, you get a rumble controller with the package, Home will be there finally and you can get it in white.

Buying it now would be pretty stupid

MaximusPrime5643d ago

buying xbox 360 now is a very risky move.

After all that hype with bad customer service, unreliable machine, noisy fan, RRoD, pay for online service, pay for HDDVD expansion when HDDVD figure are dropping.

PS3 are doing well at the moment. There are more games out than what you think.
If you dont have PS3 WHY BOTHER POSTING?

Polluted5643d ago

So you're picking one up at the end of 2008 then?

BLaZiN PRopHeT5643d ago


all the things you mentioned have been public knowledge but yet it hasnt stopped people from going out and buy the system. the reason for that is GAMES. games that are currently out are driving the console sales not games that will be out.

people were saying its stupid for MS to only show this years lineup i mean look at the console sales do people still think it was a bad idea?

TheMART5643d ago

@ Maximus

"buying xbox 360 now is a very risky move. "

Wrong. All 360's that have a MFR date of October and up, have 65nm chipset and the extra heatsink. No problems of overheating. It has the best gaming experience and a 3 year warranty. Buying a 360 for a gamer is the best move now. A PS3 maybe next Christmas. When the promissed games aren't delayed any further to 2009.

"If you dont have PS3 WHY BOTHER POSTING?"

Because this video saying buy it now and mentions the games for 2008 is stupid, as mentioned above. Get rumble, a lower price and the games when you buy it the 2nd half of 2008. Simple as that.

CeruleanSky5643d ago

It is staggering to look back at the performance of the PS2 worldwide since the first Xbox was killed off by Microsoft.

Sony has sold more PS2s worldwide in just the time since the first Xbox stopped being produced than Microsoft managed in the Xbox's entire life.

That is what gets you developer support across the globe in all three major console regions.

No sane developer outside of pc centric US developers are dumb enough to tie their development resources to a console like the 360 that is:

* Selling at roughly the same rate worldwide as the first Xbox marketplace flop

* Made by the company that pulled the plug early on their last console leaving developers scrambling to deal with the mess

* After two years on the market still has unprecedented hardware failure problems

* Actually has 1.5gig LESS storage than last gen

* Is dead in two of the three major regions

CrazzyMan5643d ago

or what?
what the point? IF gamer want a PS3 he will buy a PS3.

OF`COURSE BEST is to wait 80GB bundle with MGS4 in spring 2008 with dualshock3 for 449$. But people have a CHOICE when to buy, IT IS THEIR MONEY.

OVERALL, i hope we agree, that PS3 will DOMINATE in 2008? =)

Bubble Buddy5643d ago

MART: Microsoft Action Response Team

sak5005643d ago

@TheMart: Agreed 100% +bubbles exactly what i wanted to comment. The damn list of games has been shown since E3 2005 and after 3 years most of the games are nowhere to be seen. MGS, GT, FF all are getting delayed and maybe even land up in 2009 so why the hell would anyone pay $500 to play ps2 games or watch BD movies? When they can pick up 360 at lot less and play great line up of games.

actas1235643d ago

What do u mean alot less? the standard and playable Xbox 360 is selling at 350, which is only 50 dollars than PS3. It makes all sense to pay the extra 50 bucks for the solid and superior machine... Well, unless you are a cow or a mule then ya you'll probably get a last gen 360..

N4Flamers5642d ago

If I was a developer I would not be exclusive and I sure as hell would get on a system where I could sell some games 360 but I agree you should buy one when those games come out and I dont know be able to play them. This is just an ad to get people to buy PS3's so if you have one why are you posting.

mesh15642d ago

sony fans can do all the likke the 360 is kicking sony ass u can type all u wamnt to soothe urself but at the end of the day 360 is owning ps3 hahaha why even replay to this sony kids hahaha they are crying so they get on the net mgs4 old/tekken 5 garabge/ther eno game in 2008 that good coming out for sony ps3

Lifendz5642d ago

if it wasn't for your avatar, and your constant anti-Sony postings, this would be considered a very valid and un-biased post. I agree with you. With all their big IP's coming next year there really is no reason to rush out and buy a PS3 now. Next year will be a different story.

BTW, I'm not so sure you're right about the 360 overheating problem being solved. And having to fork over 50 bucks right out the box to even play with your friends online is still a rip off.

ravinash5641d ago

Its was a good deal then, and with the proce drop an even better deal now.
And I've had hours of fun on it.

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UnblessedSoul5643d ago

2008 is Ps3's year then the year after we got final fantasy, it's all over we won

InMyOpinion5642d ago

What is the price you get from "winning"?

Laexerias5642d ago

... The Mart will cry, thats our prize.

(The Mart is Bill Gates)

CeruleanSky5643d ago

The PS2 has reached 125-130 million worldwide with the single greatest library of games ever for a console:

Final Fantasy
Gran Turismo
Metal Gear Solid
Team ICO Games
Ratchet and Clank
Jak and Daxster
Sly Cooper

As those gamers upgrade to 1080p TVs over the next five years wonder which console they will be buying...

v1c1ous5643d ago (Edited 5643d ago )

it's called the wii.

EDIT: i love how i got 2 disagrees within seconds.

sonyfans need to wake up and smell the coffee. ps3 will NOT sell 120 million.

ps2 was the only good choice last gen, this gen there's actually variety.

stop being pansies and accept it.

TANOD5643d ago

The casuals are buying Wii until the big games of PS3 hit the scene

Most of the wii owners would be buying a PS3 when it comes down to 250/300

The owners of wii are mostly underaged KIDS and SENIOR CITIZENS who play wii in their spare time

PS3 will sell more than PS2 in its entire lifetime