Top 5 Video Game Celebrities You May Not Know

It’s news to no one that celebrities from Justin Bieber to Megan Fox claim to game. Watching any reruns of the Spike TV Video Game awards show and you will face a cringe-worthy sequence of A-list celebrities desperate to gain video game cred. It's not surprising considering how popular our once-niche activity has become, with video game sales besting the box and home offices on every front. Thankfully, there are celebrities whose involvement extends deeper than just the token, some of them becoming extremely popular due to the very genre itself.

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ATi_Elite2425d ago

Well i knew Vin Diesel and Felicia Day were real Gamers.

can't wait for the next Riddick movie and Game! Vin should win a lifetime Video Game award for making 2 games based on movies that DONT SUCK!