5 Original PSP Games you Should Download for your new VITA

Brash Games writes :Hold your horses, you tech savvy fiends, and remember that the PSVITA is backwards compatible. That means you can download any of the original PSP games off the PlayStation Network if you fancy a trip down memory lane, or just want to catch up on some top titles you may have missed. To get you started, here’s my recommended list of PSP games you should definitely check out".

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360ICE2455d ago

ferociously difficult missions are what made pursuit force a true classic, if anything

Agheil2455d ago

I would switch Chains of Olympus with Ghost of Sparta. Also I would put one of the best shooters on the platform, Resistance: Retribution.

Big_Mex2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I don't think its even considered an "original psp" game but I downloaded Metal Slug Anthology off of PSN for the vita and it plays super smooth :D

MySwordIsHeavenly2455d ago

Um... Not all PSP games are supposed. In fact, most aren't. :/ I have TONS of PSP games I'd like to put on my Vita, but can't.

Soldierone2454d ago

Did you try the data transfer method? Download the game to your PS3, dont install it. Turn on and plug in the vita, go to data transfer and see if the game shows up. If it does it will install just fine.

If you already did, then yeah that does suck.

MySwordIsHeavenly2453d ago

Yeah. It only supports the games that are on the PS Vita's store. None of the games we got for free after the PSN collapse are supported. So, I'm effed for now. -_-

Soldierone2453d ago

I got Killzone for free. I just had to redownload it to the PS3 and did what I said above. I forgot to get a second PSP game lol

2455d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.