Metro- Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review - Dozing Off

Metro- Someone has obviously taken a long hard look at the original Alan Wake game before contemplating this download-only follow-up. Developer Remedy, best known for creating the Max Payne franchise (although they have nothing to do with the forthcoming third game), spent five years making the original but the end result was a disappointingly limp and repetitive action adventure.

If you're going to make your main character a novelist, you're asking for trouble when you fill the game with wooden dialogue and a paper thin plot. But the original Alan Wake game (which is just about to be released on PC for the first time) had more problems than just a bad script. Beneath the pretension it was nothing more than a simple third person action game, where the setting and combat never changed from the first minutes of the game to the last.

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KrystofKage13522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I agree it`s not perfect, but the reviewer comes off as so pretentious that he acts like anything NOT a masterpiece deserves to be whipped with the extension cord while it cowers in fetal position. By his standards, %99 of the games out there should be buried in the desert next to Atari's ET.

tigertron3522d ago

The Metro is my favourite tabloid as far as tabloids go, but 5/10? wtf was the reviewer smoking?

adamant7153522d ago

This is obviously a guy who only plays CoD and thinks everything else is considered garbage..