A Look Back At Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

ThisGenGaming says:"While it’s being sold as a stand-alone game, you can’t help but feel like you’re playing some form of DLC. While Alan Wake had an interesting story but slightly repetitive combat, American Nightmare switches that around. The gameplay takes longer to feel stale but having to run through the same three levels in story mode and even having the arcade mode’s levels repeated feels lazy."

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darthv721347d ago

This should have been part of the limited collectors edition but oh well. I bought and enjoyed it either way.

TheEnigma3131347d ago

This game was ok. I still wish they made a true sequel to the original.

goken1347d ago

i didn't even know they had this... only played the original, wouldn't mind giving this a go :)

TheEnigma3131347d ago

It's not as good as the first, but it definitely isn't a bad game. I bought it on steam years ago.

bloodyspasm1347d ago

Check @bloodyspasm on Twitter 🙂 I'm going to start a Giveaway for it tomorrow 😉

meatnormous1347d ago

It was literally 1.00 on steam before they took it off the store over a music license. It included all dlc.

-Foxtrot1347d ago

I didn't like how action focused it was compared to the original

It felt like Microsofts last ditch attempt at trying to make it something it wasn't so they could ramp the action up in a sequel they would greenlight. When it didn't attract the attention they wanted they probably told Remedy to work on something brand new.