Tech Review: Toshiba HD-DVD players have a few hiccups

Victor Godinez of The Dallas Morning News writes:

"I've been using the Blu-ray movie player in my PlayStation 3 game console for about a year now and have been invariably thrilled with both the quality of Blu-ray discs and the ability of the device to sharpen the image on regular DVD's. The HD-DVD players were equally adept, technically speaking, but they do have a couple of drawbacks..."

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MaximusPrime4732d ago

i approve this even though it is HDDVD Player. There has been so many news on here regarding HDDVD and Bluray. So why not a review on one of the players?

Blademask4732d ago

Bloodmask/TheRoundPeg don't want you to.

crazy250004732d ago

they are an annoying bunch arent they?

TANOD4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Now they dont want to approve this VALID article since it talks about how inferior the HD DVD players normally


that is how we can restrain this paid MS EMPLOYEE

she is destroying n4g with her horrible pro bot STORIES


HD DVD's lower end models cant output 1080p

you know that too.

Plus it support only partial list of codecs which a high end model does

TheXgamerLive4732d ago

writes a review based on one mans biased opinion and you act like it's now certain that all HD-DVD players are bad, lol, you fool. Keep on thinking it lil boys.

Stupidity follows you.

demolitionX4732d ago

Tanod: just to add that, bloodmask is just a suckup with the rest of gates b!tches. these people are supported by this site, so forget about it.

Snukadaman4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

your worst then pog anyday...lets see if there are more crybabies on this post reporting the news then the gt5 not 1080p post. funny thing is regardless of the glitches, he still recommends all the hd-dvd players he reviews.

no you post inflamatory news from other places.. you like too post up your propaganda as not going too defend them..whats different tanod is you like too use up your bubbles too try and get your point across...pog and bloodmask just post spam

TANOD4732d ago

I dont post inflammatory news from XBOX KINGS like POG/RP

i dont approve any flamebait too

i dont post misleading and FALSE news like HD DVD outselling BD at AMAZON

i dont post anti x360 news

Those ROUND PEG/TNS/BLOODMASK report all stories that are a TAD AGAINST HD DVD despite their VALID ORIGINS and

AT THE SAME TIME XBOTS like BLOODMASK AND ROUNDPEG approve ARTICLES at N4G which are infact written by them

TnS4732d ago

TANOD: I really don't care whether is a news against HD DVD or Blu-ray. I think you should realize that this is a gaming site, not a movie site.

wallace10004731d ago

@ TANOD because he likes to keep saying it, what about people that only have HDTVs that support 720p/1080i, why would they want to spend the extra money to buy a player that outputs 1080p when they can't use 1080p?

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TANOD4732d ago

ROUND PEG also approved the controversial story releated to UT3 MODs as well

even the DECEPTIVE story of HD DVD beating BD when AMAZON rakings itself say 2:1 for BD

PEOPLE report both TNS and ROUND PEG

TnS4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

If you are talking about this then neither me or The Round Peg approved that...

Come and report me...

socomnick4731d ago

TANOD shut up already jesus and whats with all the blueray and hddvd crap getting approved isnt this a gaming website stop approving all this movie crap.

name4732d ago

In my opinion, I think most of HD DVD's sales come from people who don't know much about HD formats and see the words HD and DVD and assume it's the successor. Plus the price doesn't hurt either. The problem is, most people who are willing to spend 1000+ dollars on an HDTV does their research before spending more money on a player. And these people usually come across the whole "blu ray is winning by..alot" articles.

power of Green 4732d ago

HD-DVD sales come from people that wan't to support DVD and Toshiba plus they might like the movies. Your opinion is like that because your a Sony fanboy. Its like saying PS3 has support because people don't know any better.

LoydX-mas4732d ago

HD-DVD actually IS the successor to DVD. (DVD forum voted for it)

Baron794731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

That is a VERY IMPORTANT point that most people forget.
They also forget that bluray will NEVER be able to store a Reg DVD version of a movie and Hi Def version of a movie on the same disc. This is somthing EXCLUSIVE to HD-DVD.

When the HD-DVD group eventually announces this, a single SKU HD-DVD/DVD,(both on 1 side, just put in and press play) with no regular DVD SKU even released , this war will be history.

ITR4731d ago

I disagree, because I've sold a many HD DVD players to well informed consumers.
Reasons they buy:
Two versions to buy depending on what HD TV res they have.
Two low price points. Our current price point $199(A3),$249(A30)
Two movies from the get go.
Combo disc lets you play HD and SD versions.
3 ways to upgrade your HD players.
Will up convert their old DVD collection.
No region lock.
Lower DRM restrictions. (we all know DRM is stupid and will be cracked eventually)
Interactive movies w/ DLC.
Likes the studio's.

wallace10004731d ago

I have heard that no region lock is a big thing for many people, my old man for one. He likes lots of British shows that can't be purchased in NA. Not a selling point for me though.

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