Thrustmaster PS Vita case review round-up * Brutal Gamer *

Brutal Gamer's Zeth writes:

One of the things that will bring you out in a cold sweat is taking the item you’ve saved months to purchase out and about. The newest shiny toy happens to be Sony’s PS Vita system and what better way to protect that massive 5” screen than with a new case.

Here we do a round-up of the latest offerings coming to stores in the shape of Thrustmaters’ licensed range or products.

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brettyd3059d ago

Ordered the VIP case, looks like the best one out right now.

Luc203059d ago

I went for the SPF military styled case. Should have it delivered next week. Beenn carrying my psv in a small plastic bag hoping the screen wont get scratched!

morganfell3059d ago

I would gladly pick this up and actually had it in my Amazon cart. But it's the lack of ear phone storage space which prevented me from buying.

Razongunz3059d ago

got the SPF version of it pre-ordered.

tarbis3058d ago

I so want the Uncharted case. Hope our retailers pick this up.

brettyd3058d ago

Amazon has it for pre-order.

mayberry3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Will my case I have for my psp work for my vita when I get it? my psp case is sweet btw!

moosehound3058d ago

No the Vita is MUCH bigger :D

mayberry3058d ago

Thanks moosehound! oh well!

HarvesterOSarow3058d ago

I ordered me the SPF case as soon as it came to Amazon (US). Looks like one hell of a case! Until I receive it in the mail my Vita isn't leaving the house.