inFamous 2 / Festival Of Blood PlayStation Move Analysis (Pt. 2/2)

The second and final part of iWaggle3D's analysis of inFamous 2 / Festival of Blood PlayStation Move implementation is (finally) live. Enjoy!

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sorceror1714495d ago

I couldn't get used to the Move controls for I2. I think maybe if I'd *started* with them, but by the time FoB came out with Move support, my reflexes were too hardwired for the Dualshock.


inFamous 3: We Want A Second Son Sequel

Fans of the action-adventure franchise have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential sequel to one of the best games on the PS4.

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Alexious392d ago

I want it too. Make it co-op as well.

-Foxtrot392d ago

Yeah they had a lightning bolt in the shape of a question mark at the end of Infamous 2

They always went off the good ending for Cole so I think for Delsin it should be the bad ending

What he did in the bad ending, absorbing everyone’s powers, seemed like he was going to turn into something powerful.

Makes you feel like he could have been the real Beast and John was just an anomaly because of them messing with time

Sets up a Cole vs Delsin showdown

potatoseal392d ago

How would fans feel about a reboot? You know to bring a new audience in? Not a good idea? Good idea?

anast391d ago

Not a god idea. They let it sit for too long and the game hasn't been strong enough to carry itself all these years. There is so much other stuff out there right now.

masterfox392d ago

Second Son was released in 2014 was an amazing game visually and gameplay wise, sometimes I play it again on the PS5 and seeing it run at 60 fps is something to behold(yes an almost 10 year old game), if you haven't done that on your PS5 try it you won't be disappointed, pure eye candy, a PS5 exclusive of Infamous would be amazing no doubt.

gold_drake392d ago

meh, i want Cole to come back.

or maybe a reboot. with cole.

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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - PlayStation Move's Best Kept Secret

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars debuted in 2011, and later updated for modern consoles. However, it's the PlayStation 3 edition that stands out.


Ghost of Tsushima 2: What We Want To See In The Sequel

Rumours suggest that Ghost of Tsushima 2 is already in development. Here's what we'd like to see in the sequel.

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ApocalypseShadow624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

I love Ghost of Tsushima. It is my open world Onimusha. The presentation, the characters, the combat, the respect for the source material which was the Island of Tsushima, etc was just a step up for Sucker Punch.

A sequel of this game would definitely require Jin Sakai in the game. I would also have the game return to Tsushima because that's where the game is about. But it can look quite different on PS5 even if the same areas. The jump in detail, foliage, lighting, AI, new moves, new characters, etc would make the game look and play quite differently than before. You could even have unaccessible areas from the first game, areas that were secret even to Jin, playable areas.

And in my opinion, a portion of mainland Japan. Maybe someone against the second Mongol invasion that is playable and has a story arch that brings him from mainland Japan to Tsushima. And someone else is trying to stop them from reaching Tsushima. This person would have their own fighting style as a Samurai or something else. Characters like Yuna and Tomoe would return in the game as playable story arcs as well. Yuna was a great character that I'd like to see more of. Maybe she is taught by Jin to have Samurai moves but still has her thief like qualities. Maybe Tomoe returns but doesn't return to the Way of the Bow. Maybe she returns with the Way of the Fist. Some martial arts mixed in. Okay. I'm reaching on that last one. But we don't know a lot about Tomoe. That can be fleshed out.

But I'd have something like four playable characters to mix things up with different styles. Jin, Yuna, Tomoe and a fourth character from Japan. Five if you can get a more deadly Norio or a student of his in the game. Monks have cool moves too.

Something like that

Yi-Long623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

Love Ghost of Tsushima as well. Brilliant game.

I disagree on the idea of a direct sequel in the exact same location(s). I would like a new story, in a new location (still Japan, of course) and in a new era.

I think the sequel should have some big lively cities, filled with citizens. I absolutely love Tsushima, but it never had any big towns. It sometimes had a bunch of the standard homes thrown together, but it never really felt like there was an actual community LIVING there. And even when you ‘liberate’ some of the bigger villages/towns, they mostly remain a ghost town, of course still ravaged by the tragedies of a brutal occupation/war.

In a sequel, I’d like to see the streets bustling with life. Think of Yakuza (the game-series), but old times. You’ll hear folks chatting, meeting up for dinner, rushing to work, whatever. Markets where poultry and fresh fish are sold, artists practicing their trade, or selling their works. Etc.

In short! I’d want some actual cities where you believe folks actually live(d), instead of some small collection of generic houses and npc’s thrown together.

Japan is a gorgeous huge country, so it has lots of very different locations, which is why I feel for the next game they should go somewhere else within Japan. Perhaps the Kyoto-Osake-Kobe region, due to historical importance and landmarks, but they could also go a bit more south and go for the gorgeous Shikoku Island.

We learned a lot about the Mongol invasion, so perhaps now learn a completely new chapter from Japan’s rich history, and new aspects from their culture.

I agree having a few different playable characters might be interesting. Jin was of course a jack of all-trades when powered up, but would be nice to have some different fighting styles (unarmed, staff, knives, etc) to change things up a bit.

Looking forward to the sequel. Considering the quality of the first game and how the devs respected the story & culture, and stuck true to what they wanted this game to be, I trust them with whatever they choose to do with a sequel. As longs as it’s still a single-player story-driven action adventure game of course. Wouldn’t want them to suddenly go ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ on us …

PhillyDillyDee623d ago

I expect the sequel will take place in a different location and therefore have a new title. Personally I would be fine with a new protagonist but I think we need new weapons and styles to elevate the gameplay above the original. Taking it a step further, I would love a wound system that affects your ability to fight. Something like Bushido Blade if anyone remembers that game.

-Foxtrot623d ago (Edited 623d ago )


More non lethal tools

HIDE BODIES…main one for me, like to drag them in bushes more effectively and hide them from others.

Jinns return, will the Shogun go after him, will his Uncle (canon ending in my mind, he wouldn’t kill his family)

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