Here’s How The Playstation Vita Looks Compared To The DS Phat, DSi XL and 3DS

Trendy Gamers: With the release of the Playstation Vita this week, I thought it would be fun to compare the system to that of the original Nintendo DS, the DSi XL, and the 3DS. I even included comparisons of the cartridge sizes for the games, as well as a picture to show you just how small the Vita memory card is.

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Razongunz3524d ago

indeed, i love ratchet & clank! playing through crack in time on my ps3 atm and allready got all 4 one ordered and timed to arrive right after i have finished the prequel xD ( not a great fan of all 4 one but its ratchet and it still got the same feel, just a different playstyle, and i bet it will be awesome playing co-op with my family on it.

Titanz3524d ago

For a second there, I thought women thought the opposite. Thanks for the positive news Doc - you made my day :]

t0mmyb0y3523d ago

2 people are very angry with you >:|

dragunrising3523d ago

Playing with Vita and then coming back to the 3DS is jarring. I want a 3DSXL. The 5" screen on the Vita is gorgeous and might have set a new standard for handhelds (at least for me). The size doesn't bother me at all as I've never carried a DS or PSP in my pocket for fear of damaging it. I'm still deciding on the best case to buy. Suggestions?

If the Vita were smaller it wouldn't be as comfortable to hold. Great ergometrics as far as my hands are concerned.

xAlmostPro3523d ago

I got one of sonys own travel cases with my vita, it's not a hard material but it's nice and protective inside. has an area for any headphones and 4-5 slots for games to :) Cost me £10 so i'm guessing maybe 15$ if you're from the US :D

dragunrising3523d ago


I almost bought Sony's travel case/pouch you mentioned, instead I made the mistake of getting the Sony leather carrying case. I'll be returning the one I bought and getting the one you mentioned. Its $20 in the states- a little more than I want to spend but worth it :-) Thanks

llMurcielagoll3523d ago

That and I am LUVIN' the PS button blue glow, Sexy sexy! :D

Can't wait to buy it! Still saving up :/

Perjoss3523d ago

1 of those disagrees is from Jedi Master Yoda

llMurcielagoll3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Hahahahahaha nice one, Perjoss! Like green glow, Mr. Disagree must mhmmmm!!!

But Mr. Disagree, a Sith could be mhm...

Funny bubble vote for you, good sir.

gumgum993523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

the other is from anakin

gumgum993523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I accidentally double posted because I can.

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Patriots_Pride3524d ago

The Vita is a sexy beast and love the fact that it has so much screen.

TrendyGamers3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Yeah, the screen is just so awesome.

ThirstyforFanta3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

The 3DS is in the size of Vita's screen lol.. Vita's bigger than the PSP and the PSP itself wasn't exactly small..
Guess that's why they chose to drop the portable from the console's name

TrendyGamers3524d ago

As long as you get a nice travelling case for the Vita, it is very portable. Otherwise you'll just mess up the analog sticks by putting it in your pocket.

Raider693524d ago

dont know what you mean,but the vita screen is not bigger than the PsP.

ThirstyforFanta3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Vita's screen is 5", PSP's screen is 4.3" So I don't know what YOU mean..

@TrendyGamers, do you notice how you have to always BUY things in addition to the Vita?
A pricey memory card, a charging cradle, a travelling case, a kit to transfer your old PSP games to this system.. What more?
On the 3DS, you don't need to buy anything other than the console itself..

TheFirstClassic3524d ago

@thirsty I think he meant bigger than the psp itself, not the screen.

xursz3523d ago

@thirstyforfanta On the 3DS they made you BUY the second joystick..

IRetrouk3523d ago

If you wanted to buy all that extra stuff then maybe ud b right, if not for the fact that the 3ds has all that to buy 2, the screen would scratch if you didn't buy a film cover, just from closing it, also the memory card is 2 gig, basically pointless. The screens get more dead pixels than anything, iv had to take mine back twice, it's not even been a year yet, then there's the second analog stick.... Overall I'd say they pretty much even with things you "have" to buy

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Nitrowolf23524d ago

ever hear of a Laptop?
Portable =/= fit in pockets

forevercloud30003524d ago

The Vita fits perfectly in my leather jacket inner pocket.

smashcrashbash3523d ago

Yeah maybe you should get your eyes checked. The DS has two parts to it, which makes it still bulky even when it all closed up. I don't remember the DS fitting very well in my pocket either.

SilentNegotiator3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Remember the original Gamebo....nah, you're not likely old enough.

But anyway, it was a monster. But still a success, even before the gameboy pocket came along.

You want a portable system that isn't portable?
Here's 'spiderman', pulling a system that could pass as a sawed off shotgun, out of his spartan-pit sized pocket.

RacingLightning013523d ago

HUH? People carry around net books, and tablets now, both considerably larger than the Vita. Seriously... How small are you?

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BattleAxe3524d ago

Those Nintendo portables look like a bunch of scrap plastic compared to the VITA.

k-dillinger3524d ago

yea and whats crazy is the 3ds screen is smaller then the dsi now that's not right lol.

3524d ago
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