Demon’s Souls – Is it really that hard?

Mean Gentlemen do an in depth look about the challenge of Demon's Souls.

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Der_Kommandant3523d ago

Almost had a fucking heart attack

negroguy3523d ago

Haven't played Dark Souls yet but demon souls was hard at the beginning. It induced sever rage at first but once you figured out the tactics it became relatively easy. It has been one of the most challenging games this gen.

Allowen3523d ago

To me Demon´s Souls were not just harder then Dark Souls but it also required more hours of farming and getting used to that dark;good faction(Tendency)

Demon´s Souls was a pain to get a platinum trophy and From Software had to put the world on the servers to be always good for a few days or always dark because millions of gamers were complainning that it was too hard to do the "manual" switch bettewn good<>evil Tendency.
On the other hand Dark Souls did not have that and just required two play throughs to get the plat trophy.

kza3523d ago

yes its hard at first because theres so many diffrent things to learn whitch the game does not explain to the player eg world tendiences and weapon upgrading. Just have to say i Fing love the Souls games lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.