PlayStation Vita: Seven Games To Avoid

Chris Buffa (Modojo): They can't all be winners, right? We knew going in that PlayStation Vita would have some dud launch games. Happens with every system. Publishers either rush a game to market or simply fail to put much effort into it, resulting in shovel ware that eventually winds up in a bargain bin.

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rezzah3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Telling others to avoid a game due to personal opinion that do not equal the opinion of everyone else?

People should at least be aware of the negatives and positives, rather than being told to completely avoid without any personal thought.


Tell them to play the demos to develop a better personal experience. That way they can actually come to a better conclusion than being blind sheep.

Etseix3523d ago

i won't be buying most of the games that they mention, but only because i don't find myself playing thoe type of games, then again, im pretty sure im going to buy some of the games that use the Vita's new functions, like Reality Fighters and Little Deviants, im still curious about it :)

CalvinKlein3523d ago


MaximusPrime3523d ago

I agree with Razzah. Playing demo is the way people makes decision.

Abdou233523d ago

Not in every case,i remember playing Uncharted 1 demo and hating it, but when i played the game a year later i was blown, it happens sometimes to some people and vice versa.

Oldman1003522d ago

Shit, if playing a game I didn't like resulted in getting blown I'd change my mind and start loving it too! With that said you're one lucky sob. I wish I got a bj while playing uncharted. ;D

Luc203523d ago

Lol so whats wrong with Little Deviants? This game is amazing. Shows off lots of ps vita unique features and is a plasure to play. Got trophies too for thrphy hunters like myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.