Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Reviewed

Geekpulp has reviewed Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom for the Xbox 360.
"This review might come across as overly negative, but it's worth noting that Circle Of Doom is a passable game. I've compared it to Ninety Nine Nights, a game that I played through to the end in spite of horrid voice acting (L-l-landslide!?) and dubious skill requirements, and I definitely prefer Circle Of Doom"


They also talk about the game in their most recent podcast found here

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SparkyNZ4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Although it's not looking like a bad game, it'll be hard to choose this title over the flood of great games out at the moment. Maybe it would have been wise to release this in a few months, during the historical 'lull' in the release schedule (jan-mar).
I understand that publishers need to start earning revenue of their investments as soon as possible, but releaseing right now won't do it any favors.

EDIT: Just informed 2008 US release, cool. ignore me :)

Brianemone4731d ago

Sparky, the US won't see it untill early 2008. New Zealand gets it early for some reason

power of Green 4731d ago

Next month it will sell alright because nothings out and the co-op will appeal to people. Not writing this game off because some no name reviewer has a opinion.

Brianemone4731d ago

The reviewer says he enjoyed it and that while it might not be of the other games avilable at the moment it is still a good game.

SparkyNZ4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Just read above, if US doesn't get it til 2008 then it is a good move.
Basically ignore everything I just said, lol

Rikitatsu4731d ago

The game was meant for the japanese market to begin with , and we saw how it bombed in sales in japan

DarkSniper4731d ago

Games like this have no reason to be on the XBOX 360 console. The Japanese market clearly have the wise mind to know that XBOX 360 is a garbage console and PLAYSTATION 3® is the ultimate source in home multimedia and gaming entertainment.

zafeiriou4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

You are right, this crap belongs on the PS3. You would expect to see crappy games like this on the PS3, not the 360.

That said, I am still looking foward to giving it a throw. After Playing through so much Dynasty Warriors these games all feel the same, but I am hoping this might add something different to the mix.

Fearless4731d ago

outside NZ atm its got alot of framerate issues im sure they will get sorted over the next month or so.
Its a good game tho regardless like he says nothing spectactular but fun nonetheless.

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The story is too old to be commented.