The Surprise Killer Feature of the Vita

So the Vita has launched today and some of our writers and readers are playing with theirs as I type. And while I do not own one myself I have observed the biggest part of the Vita that may play into it’s future growth: The twitter app.

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Brownghost2428d ago

I thought it was something usefull

dragunrising2428d ago

Twitter is a nice addition. I downloaded it last night on my Vita- its a pretty decent app.

The more apps the better.

Raf1k12428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I can't help but think that Android OS would have made the Vita so much better.

edit: It would have allowed access to a whole host of great apps so seperately developed apps wouldn't have been needed.

Smashbro292428d ago

Android integration, still needs it's own OS for the serious games and Vita specific functions.

GraveLord2428d ago

It would have made it hackable on Day 1.

coryok2428d ago

android is kind of java dependent, it generally wouldnt work well as a platform dedicated to gaming

bokharij2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

If you want to use the Vita web browser while running a game just follow these steps.
1)Have the game running
2)Launch Twitter
3)Click on any link you can find in twitter
4)The web browser will auto launch

This is the only reason I use this app.
Hope this helps someone.

tarbis2427d ago

Been using the Twitter app since last year. It was fast and easy to use. I hope Sony will release more apps.

tiffac0082427d ago

The Vita definitely need more apps. The more there is, the more justifiable the purchase overall.