Exclusive: Mass Effect 3 & ME:Infiltrator iOs Aussie interviews

So here we are. While some people are not going to want spoilers, The Weekly Geek just couldn’t help but share. We have not one but TWO highly unique content filled interviews, live from the good people who made and published Mass Effect 3.

The question about same sex relations is answered, as well as unique interview with Aussie devs Iron Monkey on the iOs spin off Mass effect Infiltrator for the iPad. Sure, we could have thrown up all the pictures we took with the fem Shep model (and maybe we will) but for now, enjoy the exclusive content you won't find anywhere else.
Recorded for The Weekly Geek on Triple H FM 100.1 Hornsby Community Radio Station.

The main podcast was recorded on Thursday 23/02/2012 with Associate producer Robyn Theberge of Mass Effect 3 in Aust. Your bonus interview of never before heard Infiltrator information is right here and was recorded with Melbourne EA development studio Iron Monkey on Wed 22/21/2012 live in Sydneys’ Potts Point


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