Sony Vita arrives, analysts skeptical

The Times of India: Sony Corp's Vita hits the United States on Wednesday, the latest in a long line of mobile gaming gadgets in the spirit of Nintendo's Game Boy and Atari's Lynx. But with gaming habits rapidly changing, it may also be the last of its breed.

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KUV19773370d ago

Could you please all buy a VITA, even if you don't like it, just to shut up those stupid analysts.

'More epensive than most phones' - riiight...
'He is not interested in the launch-games because he has played some of them on consoles' - because every Uncharted is the same game as is every Motorstorm probably. Ignoring that the games are in some respects vastly different. I can only see that comment making sense for Hustle Kings and... well, even WipeOut has complete new tracks...

Cablephish3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

It's only more expensive than a smartphone if you sell the damn phone carrier your soul.

Seriously, I'm voting down any so called "news" that's saying this. Obviously nobody knows anything.

Tito083370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

It sounds like the article is made up... Some journalists are simply writing stuff without any type of research, they're talking about Vita should be sold at $79 & $99, plus they saying it's more expensive than most phones.... Because actually the phones most people want from android phones & iPhones costs between $400-$600!!!!

I think it's just a more ignorant article... The industry, especially journalism, are making things to seem like if it's all about the casuals... Even some journalists are claiming themselves as casuals... I think it's because they want Sony & Nintendo to abandon handhelds & support iOS so people could buy the games for $3-$5, that I think they want to help Apple to monopolize gaming for the sake of moms, kids & average girls!!!!!

darthv723370d ago

just to be a bit open minded. I think the angle these skeptics are going for is that in the time between the dedicated portables of the psp/ds and now there has been a surge in game related content for mobile devices AND a cultural shift to those devices based on one aspect..."convenience&quo t;.

It is by far more convenient that the very phone or tablet you carry with you could double as an entertainment platform. We are seeing console games being ported to them on an increasing scale coupled with the ever growing social nature of games in services like facebook.

By no means do these simple casual style games replace dedicated console/portable experiences but they do represent the fundamental idea that gaming is branching out to areas (and people) that never existed before.

We could argue on the technical aspect of the vita vs x or y but to the general isnt about that. Its about what can it do for them. I am not a general consumer and as such am educated in things tech and can see things for what they are not what they 'could' be.

Vita is a very sexy piece of tech but it would be the equal to an ipod in this day and age of consumer wanting something more than that. As a dedicated player, the ipod was great but when Apple decided to take that and add in a phone and full web access and productivity is when you had people moving in the direction of more bang for the buck.

I am not downing the vita for what it doesnt have. I know what it is and what it does and I want one because i play games and this is the evolution of portable games. I am not looking for it to read word or excel docs or give me directions somewhere.

The core audience this was designed for are going to buy it because they know what it is. Its the millions of others out there that dont that sony needs to sell to.

teedogg803370d ago

Who in their right mind give a crap what analysts think anyway?

LOGICWINS3370d ago

Apparently you do. You clicked on this article.

BitbyDeath3369d ago

I don't care what analysts think i just came for the comments. :-p

LOGICWINS3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

"Apparently you do too"

Your right. I do care. Ur point? I never denied that I cared...unlike certain others.

Outside_ofthe_Box3369d ago

I was just making a statement. I wasn't trying to make a point.

Anyway just because someone clicked on the article doesn't necessarily mean they care. He probably saw the title on the front page and decided to make the comment. Is that not possible to do? He probably didn't even click on the article.

Hicken3369d ago

So where in his comment, Logic, does it say that he cares? He simply asked who does? That's not at all the same as saying that he, himself, cares.

Most of these analysts are idiots who know little and less about gaming, so their words have almost zero meaning to me. But some people DO actually pay attention to the ill-informed. Sorta like if someone to believe half the nonsense YOU say on a regular basis as truth.

In that sense, it's quite alright to care a little, don't you think?

LOGICWINS3369d ago

@Hicken and Outside-of-the-Box- Well, you two seem to care about everything I have to say. THATS for certain lmao.

Outside_ofthe_Box3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Of course you don't address the issue at hand and admit that you are in wrong yet again... LMAO

I don't care about what you have to say. It's your comments not mine...

But if you're going to continue to make, which in my opinion are ridiculous comments then you can expect that you'll get a reply from me as I feel compelled to counter ridiculous statements.

solidjun53369d ago

"you two seem to care about everything I have to say. THATS for certain lmao"
Ur point? You seem to care enough of what people say and yet admonish anyone who cares enough to refute whatever ridiculous things that you type.

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webeblazing3370d ago

i know whats got me pissed. transferring my music to my vita is talking 4ever im ready to take it out for a spin. 750 more songs to go lol.

forevercloud30003370d ago

They definitely need to fix that. It only takes so long because we are forced to do it all via the Vita's screen. I was hoping to be able to drag and drop files onto it like I did with the PSP on the fly.
I had to completely rearrange my folder on my computer in order to get the Vita to even read them.
It is really making the experience highly annoying not being able to access the Vita as a folder on my PC :(

darthv723369d ago

the media go application from sony? Does that work for the vita like it does psp? If not then certainly sony will come out with an update that supports it.

I use that to xfr vids and music to my psp.

webeblazing3370d ago

its ok its not too bad since im not gonna be uploading that many files to my vita again. i hope most of my video files work on it

Yangus3369d ago

Vita its very cool console,yes true.
But i think killer app one year minimum.....-CoD multi-

No offense!Say:I THINK.