30° The Great Flash Memory Controversy

Sony has taken a lot of flak for the pricing on flash memory for the Vita. But is Sony really the bad guy, or can we blame pirates and retailers as well?

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zeal0us3360d ago

Sony or someone need to bring out an 64GB,128GB and 256GB card.

Optical_Matrix3360d ago

Blame piracy but also the need for Sony to have universal read speeds across all their memory cards. When you consider that downloading games is a big part of the Vita ethos, you need that parity which SD Cards etc don't allow. There's too many varying read speeds so a proprietary format is the best way to combat this. And, they're cheaper than the PSP memory sticks were when that launched.

kamanashi3359d ago

Also, compared to Apple products where an 8GB iPod is $199 and a 32GB one is $299, it isn't that bad.