Plus XP: The Good Ol’ Days

Andrew Highton writes "Ahhh I have sure missed the tension and unbearable calamity of one more shot being fatal to you numeric health bar. Your approach to combat was more drilled and cautious, you were assertive in how you went about your business knowing your shots needed to be accurate. I’ve missed scowering the level or a particular area desperately trying to locate a health pack to just about give me an edge before in run into the next titanic battle. This may be the nostalgia talking but in a way I’ve also miss having to restart a level from scratch if I died! Oh the humanity."

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DarkSniper3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Dark Sniper definitely remembers the "good ol' days" of gaming. Before there was online passes, digital distribution, DLC, and online gaming, there was a different realm of video games which in retrospect required us as gamers to use more of our imagination.

There used to be a time when Crash Bandicoot dominated the console market when the surge of the PlayStation's popularity propelled Crash to a higher mascot status than Mario. NFL Gameday was the best football game in the market, Tekken supplanted Street Fighter as the most popular fighter on the planet, Gran Turismo began it's decade long dominance. The mere mention of Twisted Metal brings backs fond memories of anyone who played it on the original PlayStation.

Megaman X flourished as one of the finest pieces of 2D gaming as it graduated from the last generation SNES hardware. Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII planted their mark as three of the most magical moments in the 90's, while other games such as Syphon Filter and Fear Effect created their own cult followings within the PlayStation Library.

This was during an era where competing consoles were not afraid to speak their mind about how they felt about their opposition through the art of advertising.

Gaming in the 90's was all about survival, many consoles tried (3DO,CDI,Jaguar,Saturn,N64) but only one succeeded. Breaking the plateau of over 150 million units sold, Sony PlayStation went on to break Nintendo's record of most consoles sold. This achievement would be later reached again as Sony broke their own record with PlayStation®2, a record which still stands today.

Dark Sniper makes no apologies about who he is because of the era of gaming he grew up in. Those who grew up in the 90's are a product of their environment. Because that's when games begun the upward trend of innovation and the debut of 3-dimensional gaming that we take for granted today.



LX-General-Kaos3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

The Nintendo 64 gave the Playstation 1 the competition of its life from a gameplay and videogame front. The Nintendo 64 was a great innovator for its time providing us gamers with multiple ways to game. Most of the Nintendo 64s inventions are still being replicated by rival consoles even to this day.

The rumble pack, a standard analog stick, a trigger button on the controller, 4 player gaming without the need of a multi tap, and memory expansion.

Some of the greatest games of all time were Exclusive on the Nintendo 64. Mario 64, Zelda OOT arguably the greatest videogame in history! Goldeneye 64 (the shooter that put console FPS games on the map, AKI Wrestling games such as No Mercy and others, Smash Brothers, Starfox 64 (still the best flight game of all time), and many many others that im sure most people here remember. A time when RARE was at its very best. I dont even have to remind anyone of all the great games that company provided for us all. I just have to mention Killer Instinct as a stand out game. Exclusively on the Nintendo 64.

Not only was the Nintendo 64 one of the most ground breaking innovative consoles of all time, it is arguably Nintendos best through a long history of great entertainment. To this very day rival consoles, hell even Nintendo themselves are fighting to recreate the magic that came from Nintendo 64 exclusives.

Just as the PS1 was never duplicated again for the great things it provided us gamers, the Nintendo 64 was right there with it. There will never be another.

Get N or get ouT

DlCK_DANGEROUSLY3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

DlCK DANGEROUSLY find it odd that "$niper" refers to himself in the third person. Not funny, not even annoying..... just....odd.
DlCK wants to know... Why does $niper do it?

EDIT: Sniper need to be told by DlCK that clicking 'disagree' doesn't answer DlCK's question. The question that was asked to $niper by DLCK.

LX-General-Kaos3361d ago

Sir can you respectfully know your role and SHUT your mouth?

The only thing you should be worried about is how you are going to purchase a Nintendo Wii U once the holiday season hits. There are plenty of Nintendo franchise games being created at this very moment for your gaming pleasure.

Very soon even you will have the right to experience gaming in its finest form. Real gaming that does not always rely on military men and alien attacks. Real gaming that puts gameplay 1st.

Bothering a man about the way he speaks, and what console he enjoys is not going to get you any closer to a Nintendo Wii U or its exclusives.

If you look hard enough you will see that $niper only has 1 bubble. Which means he will NOT be answering your question. have a good night sir.

Rated E for Everyone.

Relientk773362d ago

PlayStation Vs. N64, give me that era again. Both consoles had AMAZING games

NoTheMama3361d ago

I agree with all the above comments.
Back in the day I had an n64, my friend had a ps1, & my other friend had a Sega Saturn. One time we would be playing Goldeneye & Mario Kart on the 64, another time we could be playing Resident Evil & Tekken 2 on the ps1, or we would be playing Virtua Cop & Sega Rally on the Saturn. 3 different consoles with their own unique, fun games. I miss that.
Im not a fan if regenerating health either, which is why I picked up Resistance 3 recently......and loving it! Talk about tense!

LX-General-Kaos3361d ago

My gaming side would do anything for the magic that seamlessly flowed through the N64/PS1 era to return. I dont have many words for what went down this generation, but there are hopes that the next generation will bring the magic spark back.

The PS2 was the last console that really knew what the hell it was doing. But the best era ever was the N64/PS1 for me. The games we got for that time were at a quality beyond anything we expected.

BigBoss19643361d ago

PSOne and N64 my childhood <3


I was out playing with friends and learning life lessons, whilst occasionaly playing video games. That was MY childhood.

God forbid I question the way your single mother "raised" you.

BigBoss19643361d ago

Yes you clearly got my childhood wrapped up in that one sentence well done chum ;)