Tech-Gaming | Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review

Remove the polygon-pushing playfields and supplementary touch control options and there’s no reason why Lumines: Electronic Symphony couldn’t have been successfully implemented on the PSP. Yet, as a Vita launch title, the game’s celebratory vibe seems fitting, ushering in an air of jubilant optimism for the fledgling hardware.

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RaptorMan2482d ago

Should I bite now or wait for the ipad version, which will probably we cheaper?

CharmingMan2482d ago

Who is this "we" you are talking about ;)

deserteaglexix2482d ago

I could see this working as well without d-pad/stick controls.

madmad2482d ago

At $40 it seems a little expensive. Weren't the console versions $10?

jujubee882482d ago

People are making up rumors and speculation already. "Isn't this game on iOS?", "This is worth no more than $10 USD (never having played it or known much about it)".

Maybe I am just being to cynical of MM and RM. What say you?

madmad2482d ago

I played the Xbox 360 version of Lumines and about 30 minutes of this one today. It's not 4 times as good.

TooTall192482d ago

It was my first time playing Lumines today. I really enjoyed the demo. The first song is very catchy. Not sure how much better the full version would be for me. I still need more practice.