Ubisoft PSP/PS Vita Sale on the US/CA PlayStation Store has Begun

In addition to the Back to 2013 sale and PS Vita 2nd Birthday sale (both of which are live), a Ubisoft sale on PSP and PlayStation Vita games has begun today as well.

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MultiConsoleGamer3312d ago

Great prices on those Vita games.

3-4-53312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Dungeon Hunter : Alliance & Raymond Origins for $7 each ?

These prices are actually awesome.

* Was thinking of getting a Vita soon, I might have to go get one tomorrow, as I was planning on picking up Dungeon hunter for sure.

How long does this sale last ?

barb_wire3312d ago

Is 'Dungeon Hunter: Alliance' any good?

'Rayman Origins' is tempting..

Yodagamer3312d ago

From what i've heard it's not bad but it's not great like a lot of gameloft games. There is a demo for it on the ps vita or ps3 if ya wanna try it on the big screen.

barb_wire3312d ago

There's a demo? Hmm, must've missed it on the store. Thanks for the heads up! I'll go download it and test it out.