List of Tentative Weapon Tweaks Planned for Next Battlefield 3 Patch – 2nd Edition

MP1st - A number of new files provided by Battlefield 3 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, have been analyzed, giving a fresh snapshot of what DICE is currently looking at for weapon tweaks. An in-depth look at bipod tweaks have also been added.

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Majin-vegeta2842d ago

Sweet now if we could only destroy AT mines with every kind of weapon instead of just the Snipers and explosives.

Nitrowolf22842d ago

Yeah I find that annoying that I can't shoot the mine with a normal hand gun, yet explosives and snipers have affect.
IDK how the react in real life, but I would assume it would still explode

ninjahunter2842d ago

Alot of explosives in real life (including cars haha) dont react to being shot. Alot of our explosives are pretty stable, for example C4 if lit on fire wont blow up, it will just burn.

Cra2yey32842d ago

I can understand why this patch has taken so long now, they've tweak almost everything. Nice

AllroundGamer2842d ago

i'm hyped for the patch too, seems to fix most of the big issues and i'm interested how the new tweaks will be, but when i read all the tweaks i think it will be really like a whole new game :D

ddurand12841d ago

they still havent addressed unlimited mortar rounds yet? its cool that they can no longer be in spots where you cant kill them, but the game would play much more effectively if a mortar count was applied.