The Year Ahead: Wii Gaming in 2008

With Mario, Zelda, and Samus already making their appearances on the Wii, what could Nintendo possibly have in store for us in 2008? The answer: Mario, Zelda, and Samus.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart hit the Wii next year, finally bringing some much-needed online play to the system. And with the white box still selling out, plenty of third party publishers are flooding the market with other offerings. Read on for a look at these and more.

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Darkiewonder4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

that doesn't have Mario and Zelda in the title. Need to get that Pikmin, Kirby, Animal Crossing out. Animal Crossing and Pikmin screams for online and I scream for it too!
[Nintendo side of gaming]

Otherwise, nice game list there!

PS360WII4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

Pikmin would be pretty sweet if announced :)

ItsDubC4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

Is Spore still set for an '08 release?


ROFL a disagree?!

PS360WII4722d ago

who really knows when Spore will come out. The motto for that right now is 'it'll be done when it's done'

PS360WII4722d ago

heh yea I think he's disagreeing because we are commenting in a Wii section without saying suckzor!! Probably at least.

ChickeyCantor4722d ago

Dubc...its a dilemma but at least you ain't losing bubbles XD

Mr_Kuwabara4722d ago

Sadly, those are the only franchises that are worthwhile.

KingKirchner4722d ago

meh list. I have a Wii, this was a pretty good year, but there's only a small handfull (3) titles that I want for it next year. I'll be buying a lot more games for my PS3 i'm getting for Christmas.

DS is getting plenty of titles though IMO.

Brainiac 84722d ago

SSBB will own my life for years, so it alone makes Nintendo a winner next year.

But No More Heroes, Mario Kart Wii, Dragon Quest Swords, among others I am greatly looking forward to.

Also Nintendo is known for keeping titles close to their chest until they are near ready with them. So I guaruntee that next year we get a new Pikmin and Star Fox (We better!) and they have already said that Animal Crossing will probably be a 2008 holiday title.

Then in the slow periods of the Wii, I have several games for the PS3 to look forward to. It's going to be a great year.

ChickeyCantor4722d ago

you can count on it that Starfox will be raped and be nothing like the oldschool games......bastards >=(

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