Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Review (Game Revolution)

"Gamers who can take the time to learn how to work with Shinobido 2's controls and camera will be met with a deep, satisfying stealth adventure. With depth to spare, a passable story, a very intriguing faction system, and all the stealth fun you could ask for, this might be one of the Vita's most underrated titles right out of the gate. If you're the type of gamer who only plays games with gigantic hype and multimillion-dollar budgets, Revenge of Zen might not be your thing, but those who do get into this title are in for a worthwhile experience." -GR

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doctorstrange2428d ago

Nice, seems like a solid mid-range game

dbjj120882428d ago

If I get bored I'll pick this up.

knifefight2428d ago

It's good for Tenchu fans, that much is for sure.

LostTokens2428d ago

It's not really my style, the whole sneaking thing, but I like exploring a bit into different genres. Would this be worth picking up as a "test the waters"-type game?

knifefight2428d ago

Hmm, maybe after a price drop.