Ten brilliant Vita games no one told you about

Digitally Downloaded writes: "This week we're going to have a look at that console that everyone claims lacks games. That's right, the PlayStation Vita. The sad reality for those naysayers is that it doesn't lack games at all. In fact, the Vita has some truly entertaining games that were release to little or no fanfare thanks to the console's utter lack of visibility in the market.

So, if you haven't got a Vita yet, consider the ten games we've listed below. You might not even realise these are available on the console, but if you pick one up and grab these games to go with it, you'll quickly realise just how good the Vita can really be."

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smashman983775d ago

Oh hell no I know ragnarok odyssey is not in this list lol
To each their own but I seriously hated that game

Nerdmaster3775d ago

Yeah, I was really disappointed with Ragnarok Odyssey.

sherimae24133775d ago

i need to get that atelier totori plus, ASAP! because starting next month to october ill be buying a lot of new release vita games, that i might forget this
i wish there is a retail for this game :(

Ult iMate3775d ago

I really liked Totori. It's so cute and funny. And has great replayability.

Cam9773775d ago

Get this:

It's a new indie game that is available on PS Mobile. Sorry, this is all I could find of the game on Youtube.

Furthermore, I'd advise you check out "LONE SURVIVOR" when it's out which is yet another survival horror Indie game.
I can't wait to see what's in store for the Vita at E3 2013!

Smokingunz3775d ago

I don't agree with this list! This author has bad taste. The only good game on this list is Silent Hill Book Of Memories! Now that is an awesome game.a game worth buying indeed.

3775d ago
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Unknown_Gamer5794945d ago

Any game that can make you care about basic shapes is doing something right IMHO.