KH3D Event to be held March 3rd writes: "As we approach the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, we start to receive all of this good news!"

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PshycoNinja2526d ago

There is no way way Square is holding an entire event for one 3DS game. Square never does that. They always show a lot more than just one game when they hold events. Square has something up it's sleve.

RedDead2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Versus 13 hype SHOULD begin now. since Xiii-2 is out of the way Versus is the next big release console wise. This event may be like the other first production party except with a massive emphasis on KH 3d

KeybladeMaster2526d ago

I wonder if they will announce that the 10th anniversary box and the 3DS Kingdom Hearts bundle will be coming to North America. If so than I am excited.

LX-General-Kaos2526d ago

This is an amazing game that is looking to help push the Nintendo 3DS to new levels. Square has been struggling lately but they still go out of there way to provide there best work exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Us Nintendo fans will show our love and respect for the hard work of square enix and push Kingdom Hearts past the 1 million sold mark in record time.

Nozzle2525d ago

I'm hoping for a KH3 announcement, the one thing I can't get over though is the fact that the 3DS game leads on into KH3, basicaly you have to play the game to understand the story in KH3, like what Chain of memories did with KH2, back then the PSP wasn't out but I don't understand why they havent released this on the PSV instead. I'm a huge KH fan but I don't want to pay for a 3DS for one game, it's not fair for the people that don't have the money to spare yet are waiting for KH3 on the PS3. I mean why do a game on a Nintendo handheld which sets up the events of KH3...a PS3 game.

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