Building A Machine for Pigs and expanding the universe of Amnesia with Dear Esther Devs

It takes place sixty years after Amnesia: The Dark Descent at the turn of the twentieth century, yet the next game to carry the franchise's moniker will feel like familiar territory in one major respect: it is built to scare you senseless.

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john23372d ago

awesome interview by Joystiq. Lots of answers to a lot of questions. Can't wait :D

DaveMan3372d ago

People are listing all there big games of 2012. This sequel should be at the top of the list. Fucking excite.

caboose323372d ago

This game is going to be brilliant.

DaveMan3372d ago

Lack of degrees and comments is making me a sad panda. The first Amnesia is a game that reinstilled my faith in the horror genre. It proved that horror games weren't simply niche, and there was a viable market for it (as shown by the fact that Frictional games said they made a great profit, and for the first time are stable as a company because of it).

this is also why i've moved away more and more from my 360 and ps3 to the steam. I love the risks that indie devs take with games like Amnesia and Dear esther, and so many others. I'm tired of generic shooter #1001 that publishers are trying to make a quick buck out of. With Steam creativity and gaming flourishes.