Librarian Chooses Xbox 360 as Best Console For Library Collection

From the article: "What's a librarian to do if they want to keep their collection current? Why, move up to the next-generation of course. As a Media Librarian myself, this can be a tough choice, but with this guide we hope we can help any librarians out there make the right choice. The three consoles have been organized from best to worst, with the pros and cons listed for each so that the console that best fills your library's personal needs can be chosen."

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Blademask4730d ago

Post the one about how to draw pictures in Halo. Or how to configure your controls in Halo. Or how Halo helps out your diet..

Real Gambler4730d ago

This article mention the fact that PS3 games would be more expensive???

I have not seen once a PS3 game more expensive than it's 360 counterpart.

Is there really a country in the world where PS3 games are more expensive?

Curiously yours,

Close_Second4730d ago

...and PS3 games are more expensive, typically by $10, than their 360 counterparts.

KingJFS4729d ago

Think of it this way. Say I gave you $700 and told you to buy 20 different Xbox 360 games. Could you? Of course you could.

Now say I did the same thing with PS3 games. Can you do it? Nope.

Real Gambler4729d ago

Any particular reason? Cannot be custom fees or shipping since a game like COD4 comes from the same place, no matter if it's a 360 or PS3 version. Quite interesting, really hope somebody can provide an answer!

PS: KingJFS, the answer to your question is WOULD YOU. Would you really, really buy 20 games that are on sale ($35) because they are last year version, or nobody buy them anymore? Let's put it that way, if you would give me $700, I would not run out and buy 70 PS2 games because I could, I would use it to buy new games. Even better, if I give you $700, can you find me ONE 2 years old PS3 game??? : ) So, we are not talking 2 years old games on sale here. Just plain new games from the same dev, being more expensive in one version than the other. So far, even if I don't know why, I pretty glad I'm not from New Zealand!

KingJFS4729d ago

I'm confused by what you mean by "last year's version." Are you referring to sports games only? Because a huge number of good non-sports titles can be purchased for the Xbox 360 for under $40. And when building a collection from scratch for public use, starting with "the classics" is the best way to go.

Here, look at the Platinum Hits line for the Xbox 360. 20 games, all under $30. You could build a nice base of a collection for under $600.

Real Gambler4729d ago

Still, the original question was: Why would a game be more expensive for the PS3 than the 360 in a country, and not in all the others!!!

Basically, why would a game like COD4 be more expensive in New Zealand???

P.S.: If you were given $700, wouldn't you buy a console you don't have right now, and a handfull of games??? I would... (would likely get the 360 and the Wii, or the 360 with some of those games on your list)

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Bill Gates4730d ago

And this people, is the reason why she's a librarian...AHAHHAHAH

Vip3r4730d ago

Doesn't the PS2 have a bigger games library then the 360?

Blademask4730d ago

The 360 has more games... shut your mouth traitor!

KingJFS4730d ago

Of coruse it does, but this article is focusing on the three next-gen systems.

Bombomb4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Keep PS2 out of this...

You think Sony is gonna keep pushing PS2 while the 360 gets a huge lead with future games and price cuts on the PS3?

The best NEXT-GEN console gaming library as of NOW goes to the 360.

That's Fact. Look at the AAA's and Sales..

jlytle12344730d ago

um,no. AAA doesnt actually mean anything. it is purely opinion. I happen to think the ps3 library is far better in quality than the 360 or wii despite what metacritic or gamerankings tells you. And sales defining how good a console is can be summed up with pokemon gold/silver at 23 million and nintendogs at 15 million units sold. and i think this article is wrong in saying that the 360 has a wider genre of games. actually that might be possible given the extra year, but i happen to think the ps3 has a better quality of games in each genre than the 360. but once again thats my opinion, just as this article is an opinion. Not fact.

wageslave4730d ago

"i happen to think the ps3 has a better quality of games in each genre than the 360. but once again thats my opinion, just as this article is an opinion. Not fact. "

Its too bad you didnt read the fcuking article.

The Librarian used meta-review scores to take away the "personal opinion" aspect. See, this isnt an "opinion", it is FACT that the Xbox 360 has a much better reviewed games -- ON AVERAGE.

This is the part that you should read (for the first time, cause you clearly didnt read the article (or have problems with reading comprehension)).

"The Xbox 360 has games in a much wider variety of genres than the Wii or the PS3. A lack of games from Japanese developers hurt the original Xbox, but Microsoft has remedied this with the Xbox 360 and developers from all over the world put the majority of their best stuff on the Xbox 360.

Speaking of the best stuff, all of the aggregate review sites (including Game Rankings and Metacritic, the two most popular) routinely list more Xbox 360 titles in the top tier of best reviewed games than any other system."

This is irrefutable. Sorry.

jlytle12344730d ago

oh i read the article. it was garbage. and i could come up with a more relevant pros and cons list.

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its your turn buddy come on

shysun4730d ago

I can't wait to see the librarian stand over the 360 repeatedly saying, "SHHUUUUSHHHHH!"

wageslave4730d ago

Oh, you Sony Defence Force fanboys and your delusions. There is only one study of its kind on the relative noise of each consoles.

See, this is how your librarian would react to each console:

PS3: SSShhh
Wii: SShh
Xbox 360: Sh

Read it and weep fanboy:

jlytle12344730d ago

you do know that sony defense force is ran by the wii60 guy as a joke to make fun of sony and its fans. And youre the fanboy who had to search out an article to make a point about the 360 being more quiet than the other consoles.

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