Vita Guide: How To Change Your Background

Today’s topic is “How To Change Your Background.” After browsing a few different sites, I did finally learn how to change the menu backgrounds for my Vita. It’s actually a pretty simple task. For the time being there are no official Vita Themes available via the Playstation Network Store, but with pictures galore available online, finding a background picture to suit you and your Vita will be pretty easy to accomplish.

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sinncross2427d ago

Im going to add to this because there was something I noticed about this very step shown when I got my PSV back in December.

The most effective thing to do is first crop your picture vi a the picture app because doing this straight actually messes up the clarifty of the picture (i do not know why).

Here is an example:
Using the tutorial on the site:

And then first cropping the picture and then going the same procedure:

Dunno if this has been fixed since then.