Activision axes Guitar Hero reboot

Eurogamer- Activision has cancelled an attempt to revive its lapsed Guitar Hero franchise, according to the résumé of a laid-off Vicarious Visions developer.

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Emilio_Estevez3373d ago

Not surprising, it seemed like they tried their hardest to kill it in the first place.

NYC_Gamer3373d ago

It's all about motion control dancing games anyway

GraveLord3372d ago

This is sadly the truth.

brianunfried3372d ago

That's too bad, I guess it's time to grow up and learn to play a real guitar.

Skate-AK3372d ago

Not everyone can buy a nice $800-$1000 guitar. Almost pointless to get one cheaper cause they will most likely have crap pickups and bad string action.

creatchee3372d ago

Should we also grow up and buy a 300,000 dollar supercar to drive instead of playing Gran Turismo? Or maybe grow up and get a real M-16 and shoot real people instead of shooting people in COD? Or how about building a temporal vortex to transport to a Skyrim-like world instead of just popping it into our console?

Yeah - those suggestions are just as stupid.