Cnet- The next PlayStation Vita can, and should, be a phone

Scott Stein, Cnet- "I've had the PS Vita for a week. In that time, I've been impressed with the system's potential, and I appreciate the effectiveness of its dual analog sticks, but I've come away with one conclusion stronger than all the others:

The Vita needs to be a phone."

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Snookies123364d ago

Not everything needs to be a phone dammit. Lol

It has got Party Chat, isn't that enough?

buddymagoo3362d ago

Strange, you never seem to hear this sort of rhetoric for the 3DS.

fear883362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

I know right. I really think that everyone just uses sony as the perfect means to stir up controversy as opposed to looking at every company objectively and with a level playing field. Its as though every bad thing that they claim the vita has is disregarded with either the 3DS and the iphone/ipad. They claim its too pricey but when you bring up the price of an ipad somehow the ipad does not seem overpriced (WTF). And when people say traditional handheld gaming is dying, this JUST applies to the Vita as opposed to BOTH the 3DS and Vita.

I am getting fed up with this journalism. It seems that they just take the perfect device with well thought out features and specs and just hook it to the back of their proverbial opinion "pickup truck" and drag it across the asphalt in order to get hits.

This is the same sh!t that would be done on youtube and gain a million hits and its just as dumb. Either be an objective news journalist, or be a youtube clown. Because to me there is really no difference between this current level of journalism and a youtube clown.

firefoxprime3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

heh, sorry. My comment was directed to the article , not your comment... :P

mabreu3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

I think journalist just ran out of ideas to write so they spew whatever is on their mind without any research.

To Scott Stein: Ummm....People bring Kindles on NYC subway along with their smartphones. The reason why is because the Kindle is better for reading on the go. Vita is better for gaming on the go. See the similarity. I mean c'mon, grow a brain.

CynicalVision3364d ago

Jesus Christ, what is this obsession with every product needing to be a phone?

If we get the ability to send text messages in the future then great but It doesn't "need" to be a phone at-all.

fluffydelusions3364d ago

Well the 3G can already receive text messages but yeah I see what your saying. I wish people would stop comparing it to phones.

LOGICWINS3362d ago

Because NORMAL people would prefer carrying ONE device that can satisfy all their portable needs as opposed to carrying around multiple devices.

Thats why cell phones have included GPS' and music players over the years.


CynicalVision3362d ago

People have been carrying around multiple devices for years, that's not going to change and MOST people don't seem to care.

Good luck having a mobile phone the size of a Vita, you wouldn't look stupid at all.

trenso13362d ago

Nope I stil carry and iPod touch and a phone not everyone needs just one device, people just need to stop comparing the vita to a phone

LOGICWINS3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

"Good luck having a mobile phone the size of a Vita, you wouldn't look stupid at all."

We're talking about the NEXT Vita...not the CURRENT Vita(At least read the title of the article before commenting). Technology gets smaller and cheaper with time. By the time Vita 2(or whatever the hell Sony decides to call it) comes out, the components MAY be small enough to allow the console to house a cellphone.

@tresno- Another person with a reading problem. I didn't say anyone NEEDS just one device, I said that people would PREFER just one device.

"I agree with you that a dedicated gaming device does not need to be a phone but if we look at it, its kind of the logical step forward."

Well said.

Blaine3362d ago

The problem with all-in-one devices is BATTERIES.

Have fun playing Vita-quality games on your phone, let's see how much batteries you have left to make calls in a few hours. Oh shit, your phone died because you were using it to play--but how are you going to make that important phone call now? Fuck don't you just wish you'd had a dedicated gaming handheld by now, so you could have played AND keep your phone's batteries charged to make that emergency call?


Outside_ofthe_Box3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Did Blaine just make a VALID argument that made SENSE and logic ONCE AGAIN didn't acknowledge it?

You seem to be the one that has a reading problem.

Cynical Vision said "It doesn't "need" to be a phone at-all."

But of course replied without a second thought because you think everything you say is true.

Yes, of course everyone 'prefers' one device that can do all things. Keyword is "PREFER". Hence the Vita doesn't "NEED" to be a phone. Do you understand CynicalVison's point now?

Funny you mentioned "COM-MON-SENSE." You should try and actually use it sometime. If you had any amount of "COMMON SENSE" you would have thought about Blaine's scenario and why it'd be best for the Vita to not be phone... Hell, I bet Sony experimented with the idea that the current Vita should be phone because at a first galance it does appear to be "COM-MON-SENSE" to do so. But I'm sure Sony realized that the Vita uses up too much battery so there wasn't any point in making it a phone if you aren't going to be using it as a phone in the first place if playing games on it drains the battery.

If Sony can make the next Vita a phone with good battery life then great, do it. But it isn't exactly COM-MON-SENSE for them to do it if playing games on it hogs the battery life now is it?


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tiffac0083362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

I agree with you that a dedicated gaming device does not need to be a phone but if we look at it, its kind of the logical step forward.

It may not even resemble a smartphone but it may come with an app or something that allows you to make direct calls without the need to register to something like Skype.

I highly think its a plausible. Will Sony do it remains to be seen.

Oh and this issue of carrying just one portable device can easily be solve by carrying a bag or a backpack. Almost everyone who goes to work or school carries one, so how hard can it be to put another device in your bag?

Ulf3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

This guy forgot something pretty critical in his analysis of how the Vita could fit into a Xperia Play-sized phone...

The battery.

The Vita's battery is enormous compared to most phone batteries -- literally twice the size. Considering its awe-inspiring hardware, that's hardly a surprise.

The "next Vita" might fit into a phone size.. maybe. The current one would not. Also the 5" OLED screen is one of the best parts of the Vita, as a gaming device. I can see a 4.3" screen on a phone-sized Vita, but nothing smaller would cut it, in my book. The breadth of the controls also makes it more comfortable than a phone, as a gaming device -- if you shrink it, that comfort goes away.

I think Sony made it well. If it could operate as a phone, that'd be a bonus, but I *wouldn't* sacrifice the 5" screen and comfortable grip for such a feature at all. If Sony does make a phone-esque Vita, it should be like a PSP Go, but *bigger* (PSP Go had a 3.7" screen... PSP Vita Go would need to be 4.3", IMO), so as not to sacrifice gaming functionality for phone-ness.

ElementX3364d ago

I don't like the all-in-one trend in electronics. If the phone breaks, you won't have a Vita and vice versa. Batteries don't last very long in mobile devices anyway so why drain your batteries faster with something like this?

smashcrashbash3364d ago

IT'S NOT A PHONE. Sony has a phone. This is a gaming device. NOT A PHONE.

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