Denkiphile Podcast Episode 8 Featuring Ty Mitchell

Davis from Denkiphile: "Fighting game fans are in for a treat as we interview our first guest ever, Ty “ReNiC” Mitchell, who’s done various things for the fighting game community including a vast library of contributed videos and countless Alex victories in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. We discuss his plans for Capcom’s Cross Assault show, his plans for his “Growing the Beast” video series on YouTube, and his thoughts on modern fighting games as compared to some of his favorites like 3rd Strike. In addition to that, the staff discusses the DLC in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and some Gundam Extreme VS impressions. Afterwards, we talk about the recent announcement that Ni no Kuni coming to the US and that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus‘s port to both PSN and XBLA with online play."

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