Don’t Even Bother With a 4GB Vita Card

We’re not fans of the fact that you have to buy an expensive memory stick separately simply to save games, but if you plan on buying two or more PSN games, you’ll be in serious trouble with a 4GB stick. - PSLS

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doctorstrange3370d ago

Seriously. Spending $20 to store one game (which you also have to buy) is stupid.

Had to import a 32GB

TheFirstClassic3370d ago

Yeah, I'm either gonna get a 16 or 32 gig but I'm leaning towards the 32. The fact that you can use the right analog stick for psp games is going to make me download more on my Vita, plus I'm sure there will be plenty of psn games I'll want to download like stardust and escape plan.

Sev3370d ago

I've had all four available card sizes. 16GB suffices, but I recommend going big or going home.

4GB and 8GB just aren't enough for anything but gamesaves. 8GB may be able to handle some PSN titles, but that's it.

darthv723370d ago

not too far down the pipe there will be 64 and 128 sizes that would take the price points of the current 16 and 32.

Now I know vita games are bigger but on my GO I have 5 psp games, 3 ps1 games, 4 mini's and a slew of songs and vids and I still have 7gb in reserve.

SilentNegotiator3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

"16GB suffices, but I recommend going big or going home"
That's pretty much the golden rule of buying memory.

Weren't game cards suppose to hold extra memory space for saves? I could have swore they said that they would.

Ares84HU3370d ago

I think 32GB should have been built into the system, ESPECIALLY since some games ever require you to have a memory card and it would have been a benefit for Sony to have integrated memory so people could go on their online store and buy games which will could have been more profitable for them. I think it was a bad decision that they didn't integrate some sort of storage in the PSV.

NatureOfLogic3370d ago

I'm in no rush to get a Vita, too much trouble right now.

zireno3370d ago

Target gave me a 20 dollar gift card, and a 4 GB memory card for free, I bought a 16 GB with the gift card (obviously I paid the difference) and I'll be selling the 4 GB card, so I feel like that was a great deal :)!!!

MaxXAttaxX3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Do some of you honestly think that they would have "32GB" built in for free?
You guys would pay $400 for the Vita alone? I see it as another reason to complain.

I bought an 8GB and only spent $280 in total with the system.

If you're planning on downlaoding all your games(for $5 less), then invest in a 16 or 32GB.
Otherwise a 4GB should be enough for save data and apps. An 8GB is better for storing more media.

P.S. You can download as many games as you want. You may only be able to store 2 games in a 4GB memory card, but you can always replace them.
Delete and re-download. It's common sense. Use it.

badz1493370d ago

got it in with the Uncharted GA bundle. have LBP and MNR PSP on it too. I'm not too much of playing many games at the same time kind of people. so, I'll just download games I want on PS3 and copy them at will to my tiny 4GB when I want. not really a trouble for me...yet!

ginsunuva3369d ago

Guys don't forget you can store your games into a pc or ps3.

ChrisW3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Kind of reminds me when the 360 first came out and they only gave you a 64Mb memory card. You were screwed unless you bought a 20Gb Hard Drive if you wanted to download games. Oh well, it's all about the money.

_Aarix_3369d ago

I just wish they had cloud storage for it :/ it would make a lot more use to the 3g in it.

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Jamzluminati3370d ago

Is there any onboard storage space?

doctorstrange3370d ago

Nope. Well there's storage we can't access for FW updates, but that's it.

nikoado3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I think you can store your game saves on SOME of the Vita game cards themselves.

For music and videos etc. you need a proprietary memory card. There is no internal storage.

xAlmostPro3370d ago

DLC for games if you have a physical copy stores onto that card as well :) for physical games i think it's just gamesaves that go on your memory card..

there's a lot to get used to

Ulf3370d ago

You don't need a memory card to save games, unless you download them (in which case you already HAVE a memory card).

They save on the game cards.

doctorstrange3370d ago

No, read below comments. This is only for some games, others, like uncharted wont even load without a card.

fluffydelusions3370d ago

I have an 8gb because it came free. I'll upgrade later I suppose.

stunkilla3370d ago

i think that was a smart move as i too got a 8gb and will up grade to 32gb

JaredH3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I'm fine with the 4gb right now since I have all my games, except Escape Plan and Super Stardust, on cartridge. The way I see it the ps Vita is too big to fit in my pocket anyway so I have it in my backpack with all my cartridges in the case that came with the first edition bundle. I'll need to buy a bigger stick later but I think I'll be fine for a while.

f7897903370d ago

Exactly. I don't understand why everyone is so focused on cramming every game they have onto an expensive memory stick.

I got a 4GB for free and plan to get a 8GB later.

NeoBasch3370d ago

32GB is stupid too. Games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss take up 4GB alone. That'd be approximately 8 games like Uncharted (I'm sure you could fit several more smaller ones). The point is if you're planning to go fully digital, also plan on redownloading a lot of your purchases, as this clearly isn't enough space. You wouldn't even have room for movies or music either.

Nah, I refuse to go digital for Vita games. I will go digital for PSOne, PS2, and PSP games though. Even then, the space is really limited. I'll get one when I can afford it, just to tide me over until they release the inevitable 64 and 128 GB sticks. The latter would be more to my liking.

brodychet3370d ago

8gb shouldve been the lowest at 20$.

salinidus3370d ago

what bothers me about the launch vita is that it requires a memory stick for it to play a game at all but it comes with no memory stick straight out of the box.....well at least there was non when these guys unboxed if check out the vid its freaking epic

StraightPath3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

wait for them fakes ones from china on ebay lol way cheaper. Sony prices rip off.
I been using a 32 GB on PSP for years now no problem using the photofast adapter and 2 sd cards. and another fake 8Gb i had works till this day. There are good fakes and bad fakes.

no good games on ps vita highest rated game is Rayman Origins

88% metacritic

while Golden abyss is going into the average rental sector with 80% metacritic.

NeoBasch3370d ago Show
Horny3369d ago

Hotshots and wipeout are great too. I really like golden abyss. I'm actually having more fun with it then I had in uncharted 3. I also have to admit I'm enjoying the vita controls when it come to those puzzle games or zooming with the sniper.
I personally think its the best handheld I owned and I you can tell it has potential for great games.
I loved the gameboy as a child and I havent been impressed with anything recently until the vita which is bringing my gaming interest back to the point where I just want to play all my games on it.

xtremeimport3370d ago

why didnt they build in some sort of storage device again??

SilverBullet1293369d ago

Yup they should have taken a note from the Android phones, with how they have BOTH internal & external storage with micro SD cards (except in this case would be these memory cards for external storage).

GraveLord3370d ago

Good thing going digital is optional!

If you're only buying physical copies of games then 4gigs is more than enough for game saves.

If you have PC or PS3 you can transfer Vita games and store them there as well.

NeoBasch3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Is this confirmed? Because this would be really nice. Granted copying 4 GB files still takes a long time, but not as long as downloading.

Dir_en_grey3370d ago

4 gig are just for saves.

IMO going digital vs carts is only for the luxury of not having to swap and carry the carts, but as of now it doesn't even save you money because the digital discounts they give your are around 10% off at the PSN.

Where as there are tons of deals going on everywhere for the carts.

Buy $50 Vita games or accessories at Toys R Us and get $20 gift card.

Buy 2 get 1 free deals at Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon, all until 2/25th though.

Price of physical carts also drop faster so I don't think you can really every get a "deal" buying digital versus physical media if you are willing to hunt for deals.

mugoldeneagle033370d ago

And I don't think I sold one 4GB card at all, which is really good news. Even most of the Mom + Children buying groups got at least 8GB ones and even 16's which was good to see.

Not that I don't have faith in some of my customers, but it went really well. Had 15 units total in (10/5 split in Wi/3G versions) and only have 1 wifi version left when I left at 8

Sold out of almost all our Vita games too. So a strong launch so far, better than the 3DS for our store by far

Britainz-Fin3st3369d ago

Sev there are many people who will simply buy the vita and only use the card for game saves, so 8,16 and 32 is wayy more then theyll need.

Ofcourse there are some of you who download everything possible and will need all the space they can get.

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knifefight3370d ago's fine if you're going to just save your games/screenshots and maybe download 1 game, but wow, if you want more than that, the 4GB doesn't make sense. I had no idea BlazBlue was 3.3 gigs o_o

Megaman_nerd3370d ago

I'm not sure but I think high-res sprites take much more space to store than the same renders on 3D.

coryok3370d ago

depends on quality, textures and colors used. one isnt necessarily bigger than the other. nathan drake in uncharted GA probably takes more storage then any single character from blazblue, though im not sure about the texture quality available in vita games

dbjj120883370d ago

I might do OK with an 8GB, but I won't hesitate to buy a bigger one once I start putting movies and music on my Vita.

xAlmostPro3370d ago

I had to go for an 8gb today because i never pre-ordered a 16gb memory card with mine -_-..

by the looks of it it'll serve me well, i plan on importing a 32gb though just for game downloads, use my current one for any games that save up until then and then a couple of movies :D

FinaLXiii3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

This is one of the main reasons im not getting a vita anytime soon and im also still focused with the PSP.
PSP - cheap great quality games.

Gravity Daze demo really disapointed me i was expecting something more than a sailor moon ripoff.

TheFirstClassic3370d ago

How is it a sailor moon rip off? Other than the black talking cat anyway.

FinaLXiii3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

sailor moon ripoff- female lead character that transforms into a fairy or some sort and its special attack is also by using the talking cat.

The only thing you do on the demo its jump and kick most of the time...

wolokowoh3370d ago

@Hojo0003 The cat actually doesn't talk from what I've seen. It just meows. The kanji literally translates to the word Japanese people associate noises that cats make. If you actually could read kanji or played the Hong Kong/english version of the demo and weren't just making baseless assumptions, you'd know this. Also as person who admittedly watched Sailor Moon up until halfway though Super S(R was the best it went downhill from there), I can tell you the game is nothing like Sailor Moon. There is no boy being crushed on and the Negaverse isn't trying to come up with ways to steal energy from the humans. There's a dimensional vortex sucking people up that also is letting some sort of monsters out and animals who give people powers. What's weird is that after Kat(your character) saved the kid from being sucked in the black hole, they still complained about the house being destroyed and were pretty much blaming her. Also, the game's powers have nothing to do with throwing tiaras, using wands, eating foods, or buying jewelry. I fail to see any similarity.

BubloZX3370d ago


Virtually every female hero lead in Japan does that lol. Just like everybody powers up like dbz

fluffydelusions3370d ago

I played gravity daze demo and found it amazing.

TheFirstClassic3370d ago

I haven't played the demo yet, but I think you may be jumping to conclusions. The setting, story, and the powers Kat gets seems to be pretty different from sailor moon. And the lead character being female in both is kind of irrelevant, seeing as there are only two genders to pick from. HOWEVER! I'll have to play the demo before I make any eal opinion on it.

tiffac0083370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I played the demo and Kat is nothing like Sailormoon.

Kat does transform (sort of) to do her special attack and glows when she uses her gravity powers but she doesn't have a costume like Sailormoon.

Sailormoon on the other hand does not need Luna to do her special attack and doesn't do any actual physical fighting like Kat does.

So I think your off if your comparing Kat to Sailormoon.

xAlmostPro3370d ago

Can i ask where you played the demo, if you haven't got your vita yet?..

Serious question(not sure if it's been out on psp or elsewhere before) :)

wolokowoh3370d ago

He hasn't but an English language option for the Hong Kong demo exists. Unfortunately you'd need an extra memory card since Vita's is locked to an account. I got an 8gb(came with the Vita) and 32 gb so I used the 8gb for my Japanese account. Like I said in a previous post, the cat doesn't even talk in the demo. It meows. Only someone who doesn't know what the kanji says(therefore has no story incite to offer)and played the Japanese version or hasn't seen it in English wouldn't know this.

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SandwichHammock3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Agreed. I have two 4g cards due to 1.starter pack at retailer: waste of time, swapping out these tiny things is donkey balls if you have regular sized (read: not tiny) hands. 32g either tonight or tomorrow.

offtopic: Sony needs to bring out a PSV content manager app for Android.

coryok3370d ago

lol, im going to have two 4gb cards also, ill just store all my minis on one of them, which because of PS+ is like 40-50 minis lol

seems like a good use of a 4 gb card