A History of PlayStation's Portable Consoles

Always ambitious, Sony has released several portable consoles that are worth analyzing due to their impact on gaming. Although all eyes are on the recently released PlayStation 5, Sony has also had an interesting history in the portable market. Despite facing stiff competition from the handheld gaming giant Nintendo, Sony managed to create a cult following during its short stint in the portable gaming world.

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Ulf176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

History of two consoles? Serious? If this author actually knew some details, I suppose the article might be interesting..

Heck, I, a mere rando, can give interesting details that this article author completely missed.

For example, did you know the PSP Go could save a game's runtime memory state to it's flash drive, and thus could pause it literally forever? (well, as long as the drive lasts, anyway)

Or that the PSP-1000, 2000, and 3000 had different LCD screens (the 2000 was the best)?

Or how about this one -- the PS Vita *dev kits* had HDMI outputs, but the retail devices didn't. The PS Vita could have been the Nintendo Switch... if only Sony had chosen to be smart, instead if cheap.

Seriously, this article is garbage. Mostly it talks about Nintendo consoles.