Christmas In GT5: Prologue

The GT TV section in GT5 Prologue is updated today with a christmas movies in both English and Japanese languages. Video after jump..

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resistance1004731d ago

Just watching it now. GT TV is looking great, can't wait to get the PAL version of the game when its released over here and watch top gear =D. Still saying that the Tokyo motor show on my copy now is alright

Fighter4731d ago

Did you notice those people walking by in the environment? They will be regular gamers controlling their HOME avatars when HOME and the full GT 5 game is released. I hear they will be used when players go shopping for other players customized cars all in an open and fully detailed environment. Sadly that feature might not be in GT 5 Prologue but that's not what's most important to me in 2008.

Darkiewonder4731d ago

awesome. The Developers at PD are awesome!