Mass Effect 3 co-op Preview [LoadGame]

LoadGame put the co-op side of Mass Effect 3 through its paces.

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Software_Lover3367d ago

I think it would have been a +1 if they had PvP. Deathmatch or some type of capture the flag. I know the squads are small, but they could do it just like Gears.

Software_Lover3367d ago

I dont care for the multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3, I prefer good single player games, but I also hate bots.

Kintypoo1213367d ago

Same, bots make my blood boil! I'm eagerly awaiting the conclusion to Shepard's story, but the multi-player is a nice side effect :D

And hell yeah deathmatch and such would be a great edition to the online modes.

STONEY43367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

It would be impossible to balance with all the powers like singularity, stasis, throw, cloak, biotic charge, cryo blast, combat drones, and KROGANS. I don't see any way PvP could be done without being a chaotic mess or every class being overpowered. Unless they only had the soldier class for PvP, but that would be Mass Effect at all.

The combat is pretty much perfect for the horde-style mode. I think A-to-B objective maps would add some variety though.

Kingscorpion19813367d ago

I totally agree with you on that!! Solder class would probably work for PVP.

Kintypoo1213367d ago

I see your point, standard deathmatch would be a mess if done without significant changes.

I was under the impression this was only a slice of the multi-player content though and that their were co-op missions, am I wrong in thinking so?