PS Vita vs 3DS - A Launch Comparison

Comparing the launch events, line-up and pricing of hand-held juggernauts. Which will come out on top?

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fluffydelusions3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Just preordered the LAST Wifi edition at local gamestop here in NYC. Will be mine tomorrow :)

Tanir3364d ago

the fact that the vita had atleast one good game at launch totally destroys the 3ds. let alone that the vita actually has more good games than 3ds does now all together, pretty sad for the 3ds.

my brother doesnt even use his 3ds and he is a ninendo fanboy. sux for him cuz he has the wii and is in a drought aswell.

doesnt mean the systems dont have good games, just that it barely does. and honestly,its not worth playing RE revalations or Kingdom hearts till that 2nd analog tack on is out or till they actually finish the 3ds and have it incorporated already

josephayal3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

TBH the PS-VITA looks bettá than any othà Electronic device on the market (plz include all android phones ipads etc)

Sikct9a3364d ago

I bought UC, Stardust, FIFA, Umvc3, Hot Shots and little deviants. I'm having a blast with my Vita. I also bought the 3ds for my daughter along with Mario 3D land.

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