IGN: Binary Domain Review

If you're tired of killing aliens, zombies and/or Russian terrorists, then Binary Domain just might be for you. In SEGA's futuristic squad shooter you won't actually fire a shot at a single living thing, just waves upon waves of mechanical maniacs hell-bent on instigating the extinction of you and your species. While its core gameplay doesn't stray too far from the Gears of War template, its setting and plot - inspired by the likes of I, Robot and Bladerunner - makes for a fresh and often thrilling experience, with only a handful of negatives holding it back from greatness.

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Legionaire20053364d ago

I will gives this game a rental. Looks good I knew they were going to gives this game 7.5, cause the bad voice acting and etc . These type of games made in Japanese never have good voice acting. Wish this game got an 9 but 7.5 is good, not great.

ABizzel13363d ago

I think it's a pretty solid review. It's a poor man's gears set in pre-"Vanquish" era.

If you liked those games you'll like this one. They quality isn't on the same level as those games, but it's still fun to play.

I'd give it a 7.5 - 8.5. Solid shooter although lacking that something special.