Try-It-Again-Tuesdays: Brink

GR's Daniel Hill writes:

There are many that say that first impressions are the most important, and they’re totally correct in thinking that. No one, for example, that is hoping to get hired for just about any job shows up ten minutes late reeking of whiskey wearing tattered jeans and flip flops along with the lipstick-stained collared shirt they wore to the bar the night before.

However, there are the rare occasions that we should perhaps offer the interviewee some mouthwash, send them to the bathroom for a few minutes to clean off that lipstick and refrain from tossing their resume in the trash before giving it a look. This is the essence of Try-It-Again-Tuesdays, proposing that gamers maybe take a look at so-so to terrible games again and hope they get a sequel to let their strengths shine.

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