Vita price cut “not on the radar at all” – Sony

TVGB: Speaking to BBC tech show, Click, SCEE CEO Jim Ryan revealed that the company has no plans for a price cut right now.

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Snookies122846d ago

Of course not, I don't know why people were thinking it -would- get one. :\

It's just now launching in the US, once they get it out the door everywhere, then we can see how well it does and if a price drop is needed. (Which in my personal opinion, I don't think it will be needing one, because I'm sure it'll do well.)

fluffydelusions2846d ago

I'm not concerned about a price drop but they should at least include a 4gb memory card since certain games require it.

Snookies122846d ago

Most places are offering a deal like that. If you go 3G they'll include an 8 gig, and places like Amazon will give you a 4 gig with a WiFi model. :p

I get what you're saying though, I kinda wish they had included one with the system as well. Oh well though, it's not too much extra.

jony_dols2846d ago

The PS Vita Wi-Fi can be picked up tonight in Asda for £197. Let me repeat that, £197. For the sheer amount features packed into the device, that price is pretty damn amazing.

Just for reference, the 3DS launched at £220.

FriedGoat2846d ago

Sony NEVER price drop within a year.
Why does anyone think this will be different?

mcstorm2846d ago

Jony_dols i have just had alook on the asda web site and i could not see the wifi version on there but they had the 3g version for £259 down from £279 so i may have a look into this tomorrow. As for sony doing a price drop what do people to expect them to say o yea we will drop the price by x amount after a week. People would just wait. Depending on how well the psv sells depends on when the price drop comes but if they sell half what the 3ds did in its first few months i think sony will be happy.

jony_dols2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )


If you pre-ordered a few days ago, you were guaranteed free delivery in the morning. It won't be tonight, but the morning is good enough for me!

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Thatguy-3102846d ago

Sony doesn't back out if things start bumpy. Just look at how they dealt with the ps3. The vita is at the right price point right now and its fully worth the 250$ but I agree they should add the 4gb memory slot since you practically need it to play games.

geddesmond2846d ago

Lol didn't Nintendo say the same thing a few months before droping 80 bucks off the 3DS.

-Gespenst-2846d ago

Well, I ain't buyin one then.

f7897902846d ago

Well you ain't getting the good deals out there making it the same as a price cut. Good thinking there.

-Gespenst-2845d ago

I suppose people are probably right about it being priced just right, but I don't have the money. It'll have to wait. I do want one though.

NYC_Gamer2846d ago

They can't afford to cut the price so early

smashcrashbash2846d ago

Yeah. They will at least wait a few months before they even consider something like that. They haven't even seen the results of a worldwide release and people already are shouting for a price drop.The VITA is an expensive piece of hardware compared to some things but it is NOT overpriced. People can't seem to be able to tell the difference between the two.

milohighclub2846d ago

Thing is they will have rough dates of when they want to price drop. I say rough cos obviously sale will affect the date, but they will defo have one.

Arnagrim2846d ago

For the hardware inside it that price is more than reasonable. They really need to include a card with though, I dropped 100 bucks on a 32 gig and 40 on Hot Shots Golf. 400+ dollars is a pretty penny for a point of entry for people only slightly interested in one.

MasterCornholio2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Vita will not get a price drop this year however I believe that during the holidays many retailers will include a memory card for free with the device.

Just because Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS doesn't mean that Sony will do the same so soon after launch.


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